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does anyone know if this is real?

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I'd have a parachute, not a brake Mari!


It looks like he has a brake in his hand - not that he'd ever use it if he's trying to set a record.


Found Dirk behind the Porsche I'd be scared to death to do 190 mph inside the car never mind being dragged behind it!


Good Heavens!! Thanks for the info : )


This is what I found on line. Jul 2009 Wearing specially designed in-line skates, Dirk Auer made the attempt at the Trips Drill theme park in Stuttgart, Germany.Reaching speeds of 90 kph, Mr Auer skated the 860 metre track in just over one minute.Dirk, from Gross-Gerau near Frankfurt, is considered to be the most extreme inline-skater in the world.He already holds the world record for reaching speeds of 307 km/h as he was dragged along behind a Porsche GT2 Trying to locate his Porshe ride.