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Maybe a Tent Olive Shell? - Maybe not!

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56 solves
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I could get off my lazy rear end and ask dad next door if this is correct..........BUT I WON"T!! So enjoy the puzzle and I will confirm at my leisure.


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You're welcome Nova, the Olive Shells have some lovely designs and colours, thanks.


Great to see this shell.....never knew they could be as colorful as this; thanks, R obbie.


Hi YO, you're welcome and thanks a lot.

Hi Kari, glad you enjoyed it and thanks.

Hi lajuin, on most of the shells the white triangles do resemble tents, hence the name. These are more like hearts maybe due to the size of the shell or just a fuzzy one! Thanks.


It is a unique and beautiful shell. . . and I am still curious as to the origin of the name.

Another beauty!! Great puzzle to solve as well. Thanks Robbie! :-))

Beautiful Robbie.

Thank you so much!


Now that would be interesting to know Hanne! Thanks


Wonder if the snails know how beautiful their houses are!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


Yes the designs vary greatly Shirley, thanks.


They are amazing, the amount of different colours and shapes, all beautiful, Thanks Robbie.


Hey GS, don't split your sides! Thanks.

I can now confirm that my information is correct. I rushed next door as you can see and conversed with dad. (7 hours later!) He couldn't remember so I dug up the info (inside the shell) and it is what it is!! It is also very rare at this size (110mm)


You crack me up Robbie! But I did enjoy the puzzle thanks, whatever kind of shell it is!


Glad you enjoyed it PK, thanks.

Yes you're right vskome, Happy belated............Thanks.

You are so welcome Jana and maybe so, thanks.

Thanks gnt.

Thank JC.

PPM, heh heh heh, looks like it doesn't it?! Thanks.

Thanks Donna, no but I do try to leave a description that is right!

Hey you may get your first named shell PG, thanks mate.


Well if this helps mate, it looks nothing like a tent and I have never seen an olive this color thus far. I have noticed a few peppers that may come close so you may want to consider a pepper shell. Just a thought, so run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it.


It doesn't really matter, Robbie. It is beautiful. Thanks for posting..(Donna)


Just a tad testy this morning, are we?


Another fun one, Robbie!


nice shell


Could've been shell for good luck to all friends on jiggidi, thank you very much my dear Robbie :-))))


Could've been Happy Valentine's shell- I see lots of hearts on it... Beautiful pattern though. Thanks!


Oh my Robbie ... Love the description... Great puzzle size thanks