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Delph Locks, Quarry Bank, Dudley, Worcestershire. Photo by Chris Gunns

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I have found a snippet about the canal and locks:

The engineer Thomas Dadford was responsible for the construction of the Dudley Canal, which terminated at a flight of nine locks at its southern end. Construction was finished in June 1779, but the locks saw little use until the opening of the Stourbridge Canal, which took place in December.

The bottom lock at Black Delph Bridge is at the termination of the Dudley Canal and forms the boundary with the Stourbridge Canal. The flight has distinctive waterfall overflow weirs, and rises from the 356-foot Stourbridge level to the 441-foot level of the Dudley No. 1 canal. The middle seven of the original 1779 locks were rebuilt in 1858 as six new locks, reducing the flight to eight. Some ruins of the old locks are visible to the side of the new.

I hope you found this of interest.

Thanks patsyanne, kevin and Rosemary...Sue


What a terrific view. You must have very narrow boats, though. Where do the locks come out? Thanks, Sue


Seems it would be a very bumpy way up or down. Quite some hill to climb. Thanks, Sue - kevin

Interesting. Thanks, Sue.