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Wheels on Fire! (small)

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This could also be part of the "Round" theme this week.


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Evil Woman! LOL
Thank YOU - I think.....


The wheels on the bus go
round and round
round and round
round and round
the wheels on the bus go
round and round
all through the town.

I hope you're all singing that song now. Talk about earworms!

Great puzzle, Jan. Thanks.


Whew, Pat - glad about the lack of "ear worm" effect. We lucked out and had a sunny day of all things! I am so glad you enjoyed this one!

Hester - I try to make people stumble around a bit after solving one of these! :D

Ank - You should always have fun with friends before spending too much time on Jigidi. I always know I will see you at your place or mine! Thanks! :D

Katie - that is just what I hoped to do. Get past the gloomy February days! You are so welcome. And, thank YOU!'

Rosie - there is some magic that works on only some puzzles that makes them pulsate. Thank you so much. And keep singing. It will drive him nuts! :D

PJ - thank you. Fun is what it's all about and I'm glad you had some here! :)


Great fun puzzle, Jan - and fine composition.


Why do they always pulsate if you look at them too long? Love the top left corner. Great puzzle and now I'm singing "The wheels on the bus,.......and my grandson is 15 and driving.


Hi Jan, these are great! I so love the bright colors - they give such a lift to a gloomy, cloudy day. Thanks!


And they are turning and turning. I can't look to long for it. Hi Jan, you did mis me a few days, I just was to busy. And I was making fun with Elly. Hugs.


These spinning tops had my head spinning, Jan! But in a good way! :-))


That's okay, Jan--the name wasn't familiar, and, when I Googled it, the music was unfamiliar, too--strange for a song with that provenance!!! So it won't keep going through my head! Haha! :-))) (However, the Wheels on the Bus is grandson Luke's favorite, and that will play on a bit, but usually it stops quickly, thank goodness!).

Lovely wheels, although the right column had me guessing! My favorite is the yellow one, center left--I wish we were having such a bright, sunshiny day..... :-DDD


Thanks, Edie - Some of these end up that way and I hope you still had fun!

JC - That's me! :D

Jan - I have more of these coming. I'll use Hot Wheels for a title on one of them. thanks so much for the idea! :)


pretty, wheels of fire, good name. How about hot wheels?


You're evil, Jan! Now, I've "Wheels on the bus, burning down the road"! ROFL!


Very tricky Jan. I felt I had to work the edges first since the rest was too similar. Love the title, all on their red background. Will try for better time later. Thanks this was fun.


I wondered it anyone would get the reference! It isn't as well-known as "Wheels on the Bus!" LOL
Good job, JC!!
(sorry Pat!)


Burning down the road! Now, I've got that song going through my head!
I loved Ab Fab and Edina and Patsy! Great show! Thanks, Jan!