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35 pieces
215 solves
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Hi, laurajane. Thanks for the nice comment. Very glad.

Hi, bucheye. Thank you. Very glad you safely came back from the maze.
Have a nice jigi time.

Hi, Libby. Very glad you love the colors. Thank you. I am fine and enjoy meeting my mother in the hospital everyday, though it's little tiring. While she is waiting for me, I have to go. These days I have few waiting for me. LOL
Have a nice jigi time.

Hi, sue. I thought of you when I made this. Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you.

Hi ,Misshell. Thank you for a kind message. I will post the large one. If you like, please enjoy it. And always follow and catch me, please, because sometimes I'm about to flying and disappearing. LOL Have a nice jigi time.

I love these colors, I only wish you had put up a 300-piece version so I could enjoy it longer. Somehow your big puzzles have a logic that never make me feel lost like I do with a lot of other big puzzles. I always feel like I can follow you...


Ah, purples, delightful 1:49


Love these colors together, Sachi! Hope you are well! Thank you ;-)))


Another great puzzle Sachi - thanks. I kept getting lost in the maze of patterns, but I had great fun doing it! I'm glad you post many sizes, even though I only do small ones I know there are some jigidiers that really like the large ones. And more people can enjoy your creative designs.


This was a really cool puzzle. Thank you!