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Vertigo .....

36 pieces
210 solves
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Love your 'Woo hoos'... Always gives me a smile... Glad you liked the puzz... I wonder if it would make good kaleidos.... Hmmm... Might give it a try.... Thanks, Kirsten... :) :))))))


Woo hoo! You're back!! Yay. And what a lovely puzz to come back on. Thanks so much Sally! :)))


Hey, Robbie..... Good to have you back... I remember the song... And a good one.... So glad you enjoyed the puzzle... Thanks for stopping by... Gee, did I mention it's good to have you back... It is, mate.... :) :))


Hi SMor, this reminds me of the song "please help me I'm falling" sung by John Fogerty! I'll watch out for splinters on the way down! Great puzzle as usual.


Oh dear, be careful of the splinters, Edie.... Oh my, now I'm blushing.... Thank you for your sweet comment and thanks for the Godchick.... :) :))))


Shirley, you are one happy camper today... Finding songs and cheer in Jigidi's fare today... It's contagious, mate... Makes us feel happy too ... We'd sing, but our singing usually clears the room... Thanks so much, ava good walk today.... :) :)))


Thanks, Snooker... This reminded me of the staircase in the movie 'Vertigo'... We gotta have our purple for sure.... I didn't see webs either, but then you know Oddman.... LOL... :) :)))


Look out -- I'm going in!!!! I love it Sally! Thank you!


Many people here in Jigidi-land know how much I like my swirls. You can try and fool me by calling them other names, but in this case it would appear Vertigo is another name for swirl! Thanks for this interesting version :)))))


The spiral staircase. Can ride the banister down. Not sure how to get back up again. Thanks Sally, you make such great puzzles :-)))


Oh yea! down and down we go, round and round we go, like a spin I'm in, called Vertigo, Thank you Sally for this exciting puzzle, good to have you back.:) :)

Great colors and my purple is in there. Don't see oddman's webs but it sure is a spiral and a half. Very nice, my friend.


'Just me', thanks for letting me know the tangled workings of your mind... Methinks you might be a bit influenced by Walter... :) :) :)


We know about purple and blue taking center stage... Now if we can just convince the rest of the world.... If you eat enough chocolate, most vertigo will go away.... Not scientific but it works... :) :) :)


Some of these spirals make me think of spider webs! Just me, I know.


I did have vertigo last night. Seems to be coming back, hmmmm. Clever design with purple and royal blue taking center stage, as they should, L! Thanks, dear one. ... :-))


Thanks, Marchon... Maybe because you haven't had your coffee yet.... or you've been playing round and round with your office chair.... :) :) :)


and why is my head spinning?


Glad yer back!