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Snowflakes :)) I

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I hope winter and snowflakes will be to your liking and you only have to look at them in puzzles and on TV. LOL
I also love to think about our different times we are here at the same virtual time but I'm making a dive for my bed in a few minutes and you still have got most of your afternoon in front of you, Jan has just had lunch and Kirsten is already in our tomorrow starting another day of work.
Thanks for your vist and it is always nice to see you around here. :))


Beautiful snowflakes, Dagmar. If they will stay in your puzzle, that's fine. I don't want them on my sidewalks and driveway or streets. I'd love another winter without them - like last year. Hanne is snowed in right now. I'm guessing you posted before the change over. It never ceases to amaze me that I'm just getting going in the day while you are at mid-day and Kirsten has just gone to bed. What a marvel the internet and Jigidi can be. Thank you. This is a delightful, beautiful puzzle.


That's very easy. :)) My name is Dagmar, I'm originally German but I have lived most of my life in Madrid the capital of almost always sunny Spain - which makes weather rather a boring thing LOL. Nice to meet you Deborah :))

With you I now know three people from lovely Oregon - the photos I've seen are wonderful. :))


I have no problem with that....but you have to introduce yourself to me so I know who you are. And whereabouts in the world are you? I'm in Oregon, US.


Thanks for your visit and comment Deborah :)) (I hope you don't mind my using your name, but I have seen you too often around Kirsten's place to call you Jawz2. )


Lovely Dohun!