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Good Morning Thought

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I was really glad to hear the news about the SIL as his family lives in PA and they were afraid to go there for fear of another attack. Now with the news they were able to go this weekend.
Faye Merry Christmas to you and your family. I sure hope 2013 will be better.


Merry Christmas, Pat, to you and all your loved ones...and 2013 brings a brand new start to everything...hopefully filled with family, friends, and good health...Happy New Year! :D Faye


Pat, I am so pleased to hear about Earl and Chuck. Their health is an added and pre-Christmas gift to all of you.


Good afternoon all. I tell you it was the best news I have had in a long time. Went out this morning and finished my shopping . Got everything I need to cook, now if I had a someone to come in and wrap it would be great. Katie, Jan, Ank and everyone else this will be the first Christmas that I can say I truly can enjoy for a long time. Thanks for all the concern and prayers.


Hi Pat, this is a great plan! Glad to hear that you have good news to share and hoping you can all enjoy Christmas.


Pat, this is good news about Earl, things are looking up for you. A nice Christmas wish.


Good morning Sissy, I'm so glad to hear all this good news. Great that Earl can walk that far without pain and so nice that Chuch has "only" stress. That's bad but less bad as other things. I hope they can let him relax. I know what bad things stress can do to a body. But so far this i good news.
Well if you find someone to open that account with, maybe I can enjoy as a third party. I think I will like it that way. It gived me a good laugh. Have a beautiful day Sissy. (What are you making for breakfast?)


Good morning Morris Stress is never a good thing. It was really scarey what he went thru. It caused his blood pressure to go off the chart it was so high. Then he would turn the death color, it wasn't pretty to see. And to be so young.


Stress is not a good thing, Pat!


Good morning Jcarroll It is a good idea. I know he was relieved to hear this. Stress will do all sorts of things to the body.


Good morning, Pat! Now, why didn't I think of that?
And, Pat, great news about Chuck!


Chuck's test all came back showing nothing wrong. They got the results late Friday. The Dr seems to think it is stress and anxiety. He is the Mgr where he works and has to deal with all the union law suits not only here but other docks around the country. I guess you would say he is an arbirtrator for the company. But I was so glad to hear the news.

Thanks for starting my day with a good joke.


Thanks for the update. So glad something is helping. Now if there could be equal good news for Chuck it would help make Christmas much merrier for all of you.


Good morning come in for a few to warm the fingers then get back out there. To give you and the others an update, so far the shot is working. Our mailbox is probably 100 feet or more from the house and the hubby walk out got the mail yesterday and said it felt good to be able to do that without pain.


Good morning, Pat. Had to come in from the snowball fight. What a reasonable plan. Sounds good to me. Thanks, Pat. Hugs


Good morning Sissel. Nice to see you again...


LOL - thanks I would like to do the same :-)