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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO STARSHINE. I have this frame and thought you'd like it too.

16 pieces
94 solves
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It's my pleasure Maria. Take care. :)))


Beautiful Sue thank you so very very much. I really appreciate you keeping in touch with me and being so good to me. It means the world to me. xx

Thank you very much Kirsten. Honestly all you ladies in Jigidi are awesome. You're in my thoughts and prayers. xx


Thanks so much Sue.

And I sure will pop over to Denise's place right now. I'm not having any problems posting, and there are a few other Australians (Robryan, shirley68, chookies) that I'm still seeing posting too, so I don't think Den's problems are related to being in Australia. I would recommend she contacts Stefan and Magnus, as I have always found them immensely helpful when I've had problems. I'm just telling you all of that in case she doesn't notice my comment.

And thanks again Sue for passing on my puzzle to Star, and an update on how she's doing. :))))


Sure Kirsten, I'll do that. Den1 was asking about you on the group page yesterday, I think it was. She was having trouble posting with the "new" Jigidi and was wondering if it was just her or if Australia was having some problems. You might leave a hello note on one of her puzzles.


Hi Sue,

Thanks for posting this puzzle, which let me know that it was Maria's birthday. I posted a birthday puzzle for her too, and Gail (Gaillou) suggested that if I gave you the link to it, you could let Maria know about it next time you email her. So if it's not too much trouble, could you include this link to my puzzle:

Thanks Sue! :)))