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Country Road

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I don't know if you check your puzzles for comments, Norma, but I don't know how else to get in touch with you. I see that you were on Jigidi as recently as yesterday, so I'm hoping that everything is (at least now) okay. I miss you! Take care!


Hi Wishbone, sorry that I got here so late, I just saw the comment ten minutes ago that you left on the Back to normal puzzle. It's my fault that I haven't turned up earlier here, but I hardly had time to get into Jigidi yesterday your puzzles were the only ones I did, and today I only got online a while ago and I hadn't checked out all the puzzles yet. :))
And as you see I was right there is a story to it. I suppose it also was Eric who took the photos of you and your grandchildren, tell him I love these photos, each one of them tells a story, the same as this one.
Thanks for sharing it with us. :))


I don't do photography---my youngest, Eric, is the talented one---he took his 4-yr old camping in Natchez, Mississippi--nearby he stumbled on this old place---used infrared photography (among other things it makes greens look white)--I love this particular one, but he's taken others---thanks for the comment.


I'm intrigued Norma. Why this photo and this place? :))