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Walking in style

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Yup. A horse diving into the ground. What the wind and a piece of cloth can do. Okay, now let's focus back on the model :-) That's better than a horse


You don't see it? The hind legs kicking out to the left and it's nose squashed into the ground on the right. Pigeon feather for an ear, another for the short tail sticking up into the window! An outline for the bridle on the neck and another pigeon wing as a stirrup just to the left of model. See it now?!


Thanks Robbiel :-) I wish you have a great year yourself too. One to put in a frame, so to speak :-) I think you either need to take off your shades or get new glasses. My my... a horse :-)


Happy New Year starlord, hope you had a good one. At first glance I thought a horse tripped up while staring at the model!!!! That is a magnificent picture, thanks.


@ Angelbender: She's definately showing her wings :-)
@ Javasage: when she walks by, time stops ...


That's a gal with a lot of attitude! Thanks ;-)

She's showing those pigeons how to really strut their stuff!


She may be a magician and make those birds appear from under her skirt.


It that four N twenty black birds following her? Good picture -- Pretty model