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Sundown at the North Pole

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I'd be tempted to suggest Photoshop :)

Good questions, Colin. Sorry I wasn't more clear. I was not complaining about how many times the image has been posted. I am fine with that. It's a fun image. I was trying to point out that the comment from "jimbos" was perhaps lacking some perspective.

As for the artistic quality of the image, I agree it is very well done, but it is not realistic in the sense that the Moon can never appear that large next to the Sun. It's a fake image. Anyone who has ever seen a solar eclipse knows that the Moon appears in the sky with about the same diameter as the Sun.

There is nowhere on Earth you can go to see the above image in person or to get a photograph of it. It is simply not possible. But for a talented artist to create a fake image and still make you believe it might be an actual photograph, that's what makes this image so cool.


Hi, Robbie. Glad you like the pic. Me too! Not much of a day today. My sweetie's in Vancouver taking care of our eldest daughter - she's been there for 2 weeks already this time - won't be be back for a while yet, though we're hoping she'll be able to take a break and help me celebrate my b/day on the 24th. If she can make it, we'll celebrate then! :-). Meantime, I hope you and Jennie have had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Party on!!!


Hey mate, I missed you for a while, I was offline and slowly making my way round. I've never seen this picture, it is very haunting out on the ocean like this. I like it very much, thanks Colin. Hope you enjoyed today.


xouper: interesting comments. Whether the image has been posted once or 12 times is irrelevant, when you consider that as of right now there have been 225 solves.

"only an artist's rendition", you say! What's your definition of an artist? - someone who uses brushes and paint, someone who uses pencil or charcoal, someone who uses a camera, someone who makes video, someone who acts ......? Why would it be "only" an artist's rendition. Is the work of an artist inferior to that of a photographer?

If indeed it is the work of a graphic artist, then s/he has a remarkable talent, since it is realistic in the extreme.

I'm glad you like it.


Does make you want to brave the chill of the pole to perhaps see something like this!

Since the question has been raised, this image has been posted at least a dozen times over the past two years. But I still like it, even though it is only an artist's rendition and not a real photograph.


jimbos: could be. I didn't see it. Looks like some other folks missed it also.

fileusa and Patti: Thanks for visiting :-)


This is gorgeous, Colin! Thank you!


Just a bound and a leap and you get to the moon! Gosh how near.... Good image


This is exactly the same as I put on 5 days ago.