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Granny Visits......Sorek Stalactites Cave

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I'm very glad to hear that.
Between having to rest more frequently and creating puzzles, I find I have so little time left over to actually solve some puzzles. My daily puzzle count has gone down to one or two smaller ones a day. Unfortunately, something had to give, and I had to stop frequenting Bugosiville. I heard from a reliable source (if the Pee-Squirt could ever be reliable) that it's lively and jumping these days so I shouldn't worry. As they say, good on ya...


Hellooee Octo-multi......At first I thought granny had put the photo upside-down!........No, the fires are more inland - all safe here on the coast......


This is beautiful, granny. Have you looked at photos of it before it was lighted? You know, some of those stalactites date back more than 300,000 years. Please tell grandson I hope he doesn't live near those fires raging in his country.


A general view of the Sorek stalactites cave as it is illuminated with a new lighting system on August 9, 2012 near Beit Shemesh, Israel. The cave, 82 meters long and 60 meters wide, was discovered accidentally by workers blasting at the nearby quarry in 1968...........