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3 Together Swirl (Medium)

156 pieces
142 solves
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How true, unfortunately......And I just heard the name of the newest one--Orko. I knew they named hurricanes, but I didn't realize that they named blizzards as well. Great--all I need is to get familiar with them! Next we'll be giving them nicknames.... Thanks so much, chilisand! :-)))


How about "Storm of the Moment", seems we are having a lot of them lately.
Thank you for these wonderful puzzles, I enjoy working them.


Oh, I hope you don't think that I'm trying to prompt you to comment! I just get worried if I don't hear from someone for a while--it has often turned out that they were sick, or had a major problem in their family, and I am glad that that's not the case here! As far as the storm goes, we got lots of snow, but so far the power is still on, which makes it better than the past two October storms of the century, where we were without power for six days each! But there are MANY people without it, so our area just got lucky... They'll have to come up with a better description, although "storm of the half-year" doesn't have quite the same ring to it...LOL!


i'm enjoying doing your puzzles every day , just don't comment too often; but know they're all fun. hope you make it thru this storm in good condition. much of michigan got about 8" last night, but not the violent winds. quote from tonight's news "how many "storms of the century" can you have in 6 months?


Thanks, Sandy--and it's good to see you again! I hope all is well. :-)))


pretty colors. this thing really seems to be spinning!