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Thank you! :-)))


I did! They like you! :)


I had a feeling that you thought I'd seen them in Madagascar!! LOL

I'm sure that you would have found a lovely place for a "faery glen" in those woods!! How nice that you've adopted that name, Liza! Say hello to you faeries for me! :-))


Oh! And I think I read somewhere that European faeries prefer to have it spelled as you do, "fairy".
Like color and colour. American faeries, well at my faeries at least, fancy themselves as fae, with more mystery, than whim. : ) My faeries are not tricksters. They can be capricious, but they are not malevolent. . . ever! :)


I go to the faery garden every morning and several times during the day. I tend to it. This morning, while looking over the stream to the other side, which is wild and unkept, and at the same time quite beautiful, I realized because of what you said, that that part is the faery glen!!! I always have loved that part of the woods. I just hadn't named it. It just made it very different, in a good way for me. You have created something new in my world! Thank you! :) Another gift as an angel gives! :)
I now have a "faery glen"!!! :)


I'm not at all disappointed. I just wondered because I looked up lemurs and it said that they are unique to Madagascar as I recall, and so I thought perhaps it was during one of your voyages or maybe at a zoo.
And I imagined small white water from the woods that you were describing. Faeries love deciduous woods. They don't really go for evergreen woods. They like ferns, willows and deciduous trees that change colors in the fall. :)


You'll be disappointed to hear that the Lemurs were photographed at a small local zoo, Liza. When I said "white water", it wasn't the type of thing you see in the Colorado rapids, more small waterfalls. The photos weren't that brill but i will post one or two sometime.

Being in your Faery garden sounds lovely. Enjoy! :-))


I like "Lemur, lemur burning bright!" :) Where did you see lemurs to be able to take pictures? ~during your seafaring days? I want to see your pictures of the white water in the sun. Are you going to use them for your puzzles?
I do have many reasons for my happiness ~ much for which to be grateful. :) And when all else fails, "Choose the happy door!"
Being out in the woods taking photos of white water in the sun would, in and of itself, give me enough joy to last a very long time! Outside in all of that energy ~ creating!!! That is so fun! I have been sitting in the faery garden watching the sun filter through the leaves of the trees. : )


That's a great poem, Liza! I was going to paraphrase it on some Lemur photos I've taken - Lemur, lemur burning bright! :-))

You always sound happy. I hope that you have many reasons for that. I've been out this morning taking photos of white water in the sun! Beautiful. You would have liked it as it was wooded! ;-))


"Tyger, tyger burning bright, in the forests of the night!"

Cat stalking faeries in the faerie glen!!! :O!!!!

(Have no fear! My faeries run circles around cats. . . and tigers! :) ) Have a happy day! :)

"Happy makes healthy!" :)


Glad that you liked it, Lis.


what a beautiful pic, thanks john