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Orchid finally bloomed after 20 months rest

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When I was given this almost two years ago I was told it would bloom a couple of times a year. This is the first time since then.

Kirsten, this is for you. Thank you for all your help in learning new things.


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Very pretty colored orchid.


Glad you got to see it. I was really excited when I discovered it was budding. Thanks, Jan.


Orchids are such interesting flowers. When they finally bloom, they seem to last forever! This is a beauty! Thanks so much!


Laurajane, I know I replied to you but must have forgotten to post comment. Thanks for coming by. When I first saw your comment you were on top of the leader board. Now you are number 2 - both places I never get to unless I'm a first or second solver. LOL


I've been watering it for these many months. Around Thanksgiving (end November) I noticed a stem waving off toward the window. I very gently drew it back to the stake and clamped it there. Now it has these four flowers. The clamps that came with the plant are neat. The encircle the stake and the stem like a cupped pair of hands to hold it gently in place. Michelle, you may enjoy mine with me. Thanks again for the beautiful bell. If I followed Kirsten's instructions correctly I have now saved the picture to my desktop.


Hi, Ardy... at least you had better luck than me. The one my husband gave to me died... so sad. It was such a beauty too.

Here's one for you:


I understood what you wrote. You do very well expressing yourself in English. I water my plants on Mondays and Thursdays. The orchid only on Mondays because the directions said every week to ten days. But it's blooming now. Thanks for your instructions. I'll copy them to where I can find them easily.


Hi Ardy, sorry, I think a translation problem, I mean in one week two times water. So every 4 days. Just a bit, take care they don't have wet feet. I can buy here special nutrition for Orchids. It is different as normal nutrition. I think you best ask in the garden centre. Mine is called Pokon for Orchids. But I don't know or you can buy that in the US. I have some photos and one day I will post them. But first I have so many others to post. Good luck with this one, and if you give it nutrition you will see it flowers very long. Oh and one thing more. When the flowers are gone, you have to cut the stem. Look to the stem, there are eyes on it. Make sure that two eyes stay there, cut above that. Big chance the will grow a new stem on the old. Mostly that works more soon for new flowers.
Maybe it's best to tell me in your words what I wrote, because this time I saw I translated wrong. I do my best but it does not always goes well.


That took a lot of patience. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Ank, What a lovely collection you must have. The directions that came with mine said to water every 7-10 days. I have not been feeding it. What is good? Do you know Miracle-gro? I have some of that. I think we all would love to see pictures of your orchids. Thanks for coming by and telling me about your plants.


A beauty Ardy. I love it and I hope you do too. Orchids, I have something with them. I have, incredibly, 34. these days I'm busy with repot and new ground. A lot of work. Don't believe it when they say , that they flower so often. They can flower very long, months and months. even 4,5 and 6 months. But then it take some time before they flower again.
I give a bit water 2x a week. Always take care that their feet don't stay in the water. Look in the pot, after 1 or two hours. Still water, throw it out (and that is the most important for an orchid, wet feet and the roots rot. Once in the two weeks I give nutrition. At the moment I think 8 or nine are flowering. Upstairs there are 9 busy to make flower stem. The others are still resting. One is very special. This one is busy with 3 stems and in a special way. When it is so far I will make a photo. And it is doing so special that I will show that picture to the manager of the Garden Centre. There are two new plants on top of fading stems. And that new plants start with flower stems.


Liane, How delightful to see you here. Glad you could share my enjoyment of these lovely flowers.


I love it when you can send me good-night hugs. Thanks, Kirsten. even though I'm erading this in the morning, I felt them last night.


That's lovely Ardy .In the tropics it does flower very often . Thank you for sharing .


Awww. Thanks, Ardy! And you could be surprised with the thickness of the borders. Sometimes it provides a good balance when it's wider. But it's up to your eye, and what you think works best. Have fun with the dropper!! And sleep well. Good night ((HUGS)) See you in your morning/my evening. Crazy time zones! LOL


You're a delightful task master. I did play with the thickness a little but thought anything wider overpowered the orchids. I saw the dropper but I didn't know what it was for. Thanks. And thanks for the hugs. I'm about to head for bed so I can get up to wish you a good night. Sounds weird doesn't it!


I'm a hard task master, aren't I? And I DO think the colour was an excellent match!

But I would like to suggest something for next time though. When you click on the colour square, and get the little palette that pops up, you'll see a dropper. That's a colour selector that you can use for exact colour matching. Just click on the dropper and click on a colour you like in your image, and that colour will become the active colour! Depending on the sensitivity of the dropper you might be surprised at times that the colour it picks up isn't the same as what you see. That's because your image is made up of lots of tiny little pixels that aren't detectable by eye. And they are loads of different colours in reality. Try zooming in to the highest size possible (bottom right corner) to see what I mean. But if the dropper picks up a colour you don't like, just do it again. And note that the square of colour in the palette shows you what colour you are hovering over with the dropper as you move it around, so you could just click when you see a colour you like.

And alright. I'll relent a little bit. What about playing with the frame colours, AND maybe the thicknesses before you explore the text and symbols! LOL

Thanks for the midday hugs. Here are some 9 pm hugs for you. ((HUGS))


Oh, Kirsten, more things to learn before I really master this last one? Thanks for your lovely comment. You really think the frame color was a good match? I'm glad. I wasn't sure but I hoped you'd tell me if there was something better I could have done. I'm open to suggestions.

So sorry about the headache. I know all about the kind where you don't eat or drink. Enough said in a public venue. LOL

It's about half after noon for you I think. Time for some afternoon thankful and loving hugs ((HUGS))


That's hard to believe, Barb - the one second thingy I mean. But neither one of us is there now anyway. Thanks for coming round. I left you a note at your place.


Oh, Ardy! It's lovely. I popped straight over. I haven't even replied to comments on my last postings!! And I tried hard to get to the top of your board, but after 5 goes, 1:05 is the best I can manage.

You must be so pleased to see those gorgeous blooms. Recompense for your hard work in looking after it, and never giving up.

And I see that you have learnt a new thing here too!! The colour is perfect!! Well done!

You've come a long way baby! Digital camera, posting puzzles, altering your own photos to post, and now framing! You must be very pleased with yourself. I know your fans are. :)))

And no resting on your laurels!! It's time for a new challenge. What about popping a copyright on? You can use the text function for your name, and you'll find the symbol you need in overlays. Happy learning!!! And ((HUGS))


Lovely, Ardy. Glad it finally bloomed for you. :-)
Guess what, you beat me by a whole second and I missed the board. LOL


Thanks, Francine. I'm hoping that now that's it's discovered it can bloom, it will do it again. Actually they last for a long time and the last bud just opened a couple of days ago.


Thanks, Sandy. Always nice to have something blooming in winter.


It's lovely. Hopefully it'll start blooming more often.


Very pretty.


You are welcome, Hanne. It's small but pretty and I'm delighted with it.


Never say never, they surprise us so very - often is not the right word here, but we've experienced the same miracle. You don't believe your own eyes!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


I'm delighted to be able to share this. I have faithfully taken care of this for nearly two years and am so excited to see it blooming again. Thanks, Pat. Glad you came by.


Love it ...very pretty .. Thanks for sharing