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Neekei - 3 monhs old

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Thanks, Pat. I would have loved your brother, too. Smoki Tai, my Siamese, would walk on a leash. We would tie her outside with a long line when the weather was good but still watched her as she was a master escape artist! I'll be looking for you tomorrow.


My brother was a Siamese! When I was about 12, my mother and I went to a pet store and picked out a Siamese we named Sammee. I was an only child, and he was the closest thing to a sibling! I have photos of him trying to pop a bubble I was blowing with gum, swatting at the bow while I played a violin... He was allowed to run free outside, but I also used to take him for walks on a leash, and we'd go around our block--it took about a half hour--and he walked just as well as a dog, just pausing to sniff, never trying to pull off the leash. When I was dating my future husband, Sam would get between us on the sofa--we called him the chaperone!

I took some photos I hope I can post, probably as private puzzles just so you can see some of the places I visited in Gloucester and Rockport. I'll be home tomorrow, posting on Tuesday--see you then!


Pat, Oh how good to see you. I'm missing you a lot but hope you are having a good rest or at least a change. Thanks for coming by and enjoying my Neekei. Lovely story about Bubba. We do continue to miss them when they are gone. My Siamese has been gone for 33 years and I still miss her too as well as Neekei.


Last year, one of our cats, Bubba, passed away. He visited our back yard one cold November night 12 years ago, and was frightened of everyone. I laid a trail of kibble to a makeshift shelter--a tarp over a lounge chair with some towels for a bed--and some bowls of food. He eventually progressed to staying in the garage, with the door left up just enough for him to go in and out. For 3 years he would stay for a week or 2, go for a week or 2, back and forth. If we tried putting him in the house, he ran out as soon as he could. At the end of 3 years, he walked up to where we were sitting out, and got on my lap--something he'd never ever done before! From that day on, he never even left the yard, and he came in the house willingly--but only the first floor. He never learned to use a pan, but was wonderful about going outside only... I named him Bubba because he was a chunk muffin from the first day I saw him, with a huge round face! I miss him, too..... Thanks for the photo, Ardy, and for stirring up nice memories!


Jan, Thanks for coming by and seeing my little one. She was a sweetie.


What a pretty little basket of Kitty! How adorable!! What a pretty kitty! Thanks, Ardy.


Ardy, I'd love to see it! Find it. ;-)


Josie, you are so right about that. My first one was a seal point Siamese. I had her 15 years. I didn't want another one and the family I was living with went about 15 years until Neekei arrived as a Christmas gift. I now have a neighborhood cat that hangs out here and is willing to come in during bad weather and to eat. Other than that she prefers to be outside. Thanks for coming by.


It is so hard to lose them, the two I have now are to make up for the space Gus left behind, Gus filled the place Andy left behind, and Andy tried to fill the space Jessie left. Of course they are all different and can't replace each other, but if I hadn't loved Jessie so much there never would have been and Andy, or Gus, or Sweetie and Lovey. All have been blue point Siamese except Sweetie, and I promised that I wouldn't take on a Lovey without taking on a shelter cat too. I just hope that I outlive them.


Wendy, one of these days I'll post Neekei's favorite sleeping place. I've just got to find the picture, first. LOL


Ardy, one of ours insists on sleeping in one of my dresser drawers so now I have to leave it open at all times. I think twice she 'caught' me not closing it all the way, so since I know she loves sleeping in it, it has to stay open. When and if we have to take one of our cats to the vets, we always make sure we have him/her at least an hour beforehand because they both like to stay outside most of the day. In other words, I know exactly what you mean about having to shut Neekei in the kitchen.


Hanne, thanks so much from coming by. I can tell you understand cats!! LOL I have a magnet on my refrigerator which reminds me "Dogs come when they are called. Cats take and message and get back to you." And I say sometimes cats get back to you. They are the most independent, dependent creatures.


Certainly she has been a wonderful company and for 19 years. Ardy, it's a looong time and very hard to be without her afterwards. I'm glad you have that small friend of yours. Perhaps she adopts you and decides that your house and you are where she wants to be, when she is in the mood for it. We have a cat that adopted us. He simply wanted to live here and we had to take him or leave the house. He is outside most of the day too - yes and nights also, when the weather is to it. Thanks so very much!!


Wendy, she was a joy. She had hiding places in the house that I never found. She was afraid of anyone other than those who lived here and would run and hide - even if it were someone who came by frequently. When the Vet was coming I had to shut Neekei in the kitchen so I could find her.


Ardy, Neekei is/was an adorable looking kitten...and to last 19 years is truly amazing!

We have one cat who was a barn cat before we got her as a kitten, and then another one that my daughter found in the woods when it was a kitten. Someone had left it to die...and just by luck my daughter always took long walks in the woods.


Thanks, Dagmar. I now have a neighborhood cat that calls several times a day and gets fed and treats. If the weather is bad I'll often find her at the back door waiting to be let in. I've kept her in overnight several times after I discovered she knew what a liter box was for and would use it. She really prefers being outside. I know someone else must feed her but I don't know who. But she's a nice cat. She's been coming around now for a little over three years.


She looks so sweet sitting in the basket, cats are adorable, when I was younger I used to have cats but now it's impossible as my daughtes are allergic to them and there is no way to keeping them in our flat, if not for that I most certainly would have a cat they are wonderful company. :))


Thanks, Ank. I still miss her. She never wanted to sit on anyone but close beside you. At night she'd keep getting closer and closer until I would be almost out of the bed!!


What a cutie, so sweet. I'm sorry for you that she is not there anymore.


Sunshine, this is a genuine purebred barn cat. LOL Her parents were both on a working dairy farm where she was born.


She was a sweetie, Pat. She lived to be 19 and passed away 3 year ago. Thank you for coming by.

This kitty is so cute...reminds me of my own. He is a Nebelung?


Soooo cute thanks :)))