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Absolutely gorgeous color!


By the way Kathy, how much would you charge for a completed lets say 8'10 of one of your purple Iris's in a frame that matches the pic? I just love how your frames match whatever is inside of them. If you do a set of say, maybe 3 of them, how much would I be looking at? As I said, they'd be perfect in my bathroom and I still have one wall to decorate! These of course would be much bigger, say about 24 inches by 19 inches. I sure hope we're allowed to do this on jigidi, I wouldn't want to get us into trouble or anything.


Oh my goodness Kathy, these are wonderful!!! I love purple, as it's my most favorite color ever! Thanks so much for posting these, they were so much fun! Do you have any other purple ones that you are going to post, if so I'd love to see them? Also, do you sell your work, as I'd love to commission at least 3 or 4 pieces from you? If that's allowed on jigidi that is! Please let me know, as I'm being very serious about this. My bathroom is done in purples, greens and pinks! I think your work would look lovely in there.


Thanks for stopping by shirley, I just finished a couple of yours that I had bookmarked, they were great, thanks.


I've not seen one this colour, it's a beauty, Pilley, Thank you.


laurajane, thanks for hopping in, this is one of the few that escaped the hail because it is under a tree.


So frilly and colorful, pilley. Thank you!


fodus, I also like the two-tone ones, especially in purples/blues/pinks/whites. Thanks for stoppin'.


Irises are my favorite flowers. I do not have this one. It is beautiful!


GMAjANET and Nanax4, thanks so much for stopping by.... I lost almost all of my iris two years ago in a hail storm - also broke out RV skylights/windows/etc. They were in full bloom and beautiful ~ after the storm only 4" spikes out of the ground.... This fall I re-planted about 200 around the yard ~ my sister shared some of hers ~ and I bought some, so can hardly wait until spring and all the new.


pilley, this is one of my all time favorite flowers! I'll be glad when they are in bloom, too! Thanks for this beauty!

Irises are among my favorite flowers. I feel the same as Gladstone....I'll be glad when they are in bloom again.


Gladstone, thanks for dropping in; will be glad when these are in bloom again.


Thank you for a beautiful flower and picture.