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Jefferson Airplane

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Yes, Starlord I listened to that one too but I prefer 'Somebody to Love.'


Great song, Cevas. Did you try 'white rabbit' yet?
And indeed, Bert, Cevas is right. When someone gives a correct answer, I change the title :-)


Yes, I remember them. Thank you Starlord. I just played Somebody to Love. It's a great song!
P.S. BertLancaster The title is Do you remember...? until someone gives the right answer and then Starlord changes the title to the name of the group ... because the contest is over.

isn't the clue in the title of the jigi?


You'll be first in line for the auditions, Squishy.
Too bad you're left out, Pk :-(


Sorry Sir Wizard Starlord I'm just left out on these. But the puzzle is fun ...


Excellent, Starlord. Can't wait. I'll be the one at the back hiding behind the ones who can sing.


Auditions for doing the harmonies will be held later today, Squishy ;-)


Sorry forgot to say "Well done!" to keithf7 - Well done!


You must have good ears, Starlord! The trouble is I can't do the harmonies on my own ;-(


Aaaaaall around my hat, I will wear..... I can hear you singing, Squishy.
It IS Grace Slick, Keith, and it IS Jefferson Airplane. You did it again. Well done.
Hundreds of ladies will throw rose petals on your path to fame... :-)

That looks like Grace Slick in the back row, so this must be Jefferson Airplane ?


Is it Steeleye Span? Not too sure about this one. I'll go all around my hat if it is...