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Horse Scrap Art - Lockhart, New South Wales, Australia...

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The town holds a Scrap Art Festival and this is just one of many exhibits.


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I'm like you Lorna :)))Thanks!!
Thanks Heidi - I thought it may be after looking at the puzzles Sue has posted. I hope you have a good and safe trip!!
My pleasure Gene - thanks.
Thanks Josie - I'm pleased you liked it.


Beautiful piece of art, another man's treasure...


Fantastic art in this horse so thanks for sharing with us robryan :-)))))


Ocala is in Florida. They claim to be the horse capitol of the world. Here in Kentucky, Lexington claims to be the horse capitol of the world. Having been to both, I wouldn't want to chose. Both have a claim. I'm heading down to Ocala in 3 days with a couple of horses, actually.


Sadly I know nothing about art except what I like or not, and I absolutely love this! Stunning work, thanks Rob.


Thanks for dropping by Sue - is Ocala in the US??
Your Mum sounds like she was very talented!!! Now - I've never heard of lint drier paintings :)))) Sounds fascinating!!! I guess if people do bark paintings, lint isn't much different!! Thanks Sally :)))


This is an amazing statue... Reminds me of my mother's yard art... Being an artist she saved everything... You never knew what it might be used for or where you'd find it... She had blocks of wood hanging on the fence, with clutch plates and gears and small pieces of metal and wire... Very pleasing and you didn't have to worry about the rust... She also did dryer lint paintings... (Oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolour, silk screen, sculpture, jewelry and more)... Thanks for the memories, Rob... :) :))))))


This is simply wonderful. I have seen the driftwood ones as well. Ocala has a painted horse show each year for charity, I believe.


I know if I'd created this - I'd want to keep it!! Thanks Jean.

Boonah's a nice little town isn't it Shirley!! We used to go for a ride on the motor bike and stop for a coffee there! I'll look forward to the photo! There sure are talented people about - just wish I had a fraction of the talent!!! Thanks for the comment!


On the weekend while passing through the small town of Boonah Qld Australia, I saw a statue of a Clydesdale horse made from scrape metal, I'm going back in November, must take my camera and get a snap of it, very clever people, I've seen pictures of horses created from drift wood, they are very nice also, Thanks Rob, nice find.


I bet they keep it as a valuable statue.


Thanks Ami!
No I don't chookie - I just found it in my ramblings!! Sorry.
Thanks Vermontmeow!
Thanks Suzy!
Yes Lyndee - but I'm amazed at how complex it is!! Thanks.
Thanks Dave!!


Boy, all kinds of scrap are used on there-its really well done!! Thanks Robyn!!


That is such a great idea that somebody came up with. Something that any body could do. Some better than others, but art is art, right?


Great use of scrap iron. Thanks, robryan!


Excellent. So realistic for junk art! Thanks for sharing.


What a wonderful looking exhibit. Do you know what they do with all the pieces after the exhibition is finished, rob?


Very creative mind and skilled hands!!