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Stanley Park & Burrard Inlet

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Yes, it's almost the only colourful thing in this one. I could have used the black and white setting.


The red hydrant just pops in this picture!


Hi laurajane and Ank. Yes, lots of people love to jog in or around this park. I'm not much of a jogger but, Ank, as you know, I love to walk!! There is an area where they have Scottish country dancing on Monday evenings during the summer. I used to do that.


I agree with Laura, but also a great place for a walk with you Cathy. Love it thanks.


Looks like a nice place to jog or sit and read a book.


Hi Texas and Gladstone. You are both very welcome. I think when Vancouver was preparing for the winter olympics in 2010 they did truck some snow in from Manning Park, BC. Two of the north shore mountains opened some of their ski-snowboard runs this weekend. So, thanks, Saskatchewan, but we're okay this year!


Thank you for another picture from the beautiful west coast. You can come and get some snow if you choose. Ha!Ha!


Inviting place for a walk or a rest, very pretty. Thanks, Cevas.


Oh! Sorry Lorna. Perhaps I will just continue to call you goingsilver.


Um, I'm Lorna, Cathy! We've had great weather here today, cold but gloriously sunny. Had to make the most of it for rain is due back tomorrow. It could be worse - at least we're not expecting snow!


Thank you, morris and Norma. Yes, the summer is usually hot and dry but it rains often during the fall and winter. Fortunately the rain stopped a few minutes later so I took more pictures! If you don't like the weather in Vancouver, wait a minute!


Great photo Cathy. Shame about the rain.


Looks like a very nice park, cevas. It rains a lot in Vancouver, doesn't it?


It wasn't raining when I took the pictures of Lost Lagoon but it's raining now. Sigh !