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Amazing Restaurant Bar Interior Design - Fail

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This was part of a pictorial article about some unique restaurant designs from around the globe. (Click on the copyright credit to see others that are fun or quite lovely.)

I added the word "Fail" on this one.

It is the Bangalore Express Restaurant in London. The food would have to be very good for me to sit in a row, elbow to elbow with my new best friend, on a wood slab while eating.

And it would have to be exceptionally good to overcome the dirt and gravel sprinkled over my food like so much pepper if I'm eating in one of the lower booths as someone climbs to the upper one above me.

I won't go into what might land in my food if someone missed a rung on the ladder on their way down. You get the picture.


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Plum's dumbwaiter solution would do the trick for those in your former profession, heather. But then who/what do you tip?


Dumbwaiter needed for dumb diners. Maybe a dumb elevator, too.


Having worked as a food server for a number of years, I must say I would not be so pleased with having to teeter up those ladders to bring people food.


I agree, it's a lousy design, but such is my love of South Asian cuisine that I would be willing to try it--once. I would probably opt for third-class seating in the middle rather than the compartments. Needoo Grill sounds good. I'm in the mood for some mutton tikka!


Bill. The Guardian says this is the place to go and we missed it last time. (I promise you can act like a bird and get your gravel fill at the Bangalore the day after. Andy and I will wait for you in Green Park.)

Needoo Grill, Whitechapel

Most recommendations direct tourists to Brick Lane, and while that is worth a trek for other reasons, I would no longer go there for the best curry in town. However, Needoo Grill, a Pakistani restaurant a short stroll from Brick Lane in Whitechapel (another hot spot for great Pakistani cuisine) is the exception. A relative newcomer, it stands out as one of the best in the area, serving Indian and Pakistani Punjabi food. The offering is similar to the Lahore Karahi, but it is all about the grill here, so start with the mixed grill of lamb chops, seekh kebab and chicken tikka. Don't be put off by the sound of the dry meat curry to follow – it is outstanding. If you visit on a Sunday, try the nihari (slow-cooked lamb on the bone). Drinks are BYO, as before. Approx £30 for two.
• 87 New Road, E1, 020-7247 0648, Open Mon-Sun 11.30am-11.30pm


I'll join in on the "FAIL" parade, as a spokesperson for the waitstaff that have to serve food whilst climbing up and down. Brain dead design, on so many levels!


Sheesh, Pat. See if I take you out for curry in London again! ;-)


On a train. A real train. :-D


Aw, c'mon. Where's your sense of adventure?


I don't know about you, Plum, yarnover and defont, but I think the next time someone recommends a restaurant because "it has atmosphere" I'm going to ask for a few specifics. Yes? Thank you all for stopping to comment. I really appreciate that.


I agree on the "Fail" for so many reasons. I don't care how good the food is/would be, I'd never eat there.


Suddenly I'm not the least bit hungry.

Not to mention a woman in a dress climbing the ladder!