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A slightly older pomegranate

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But none of them will be ripe enough to eat until October.


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The long awaited Azalea War, will take place May 24-May 26. Entrants should notify pumpkinhead of their interest in submitting photos. Each entrant will be allowed 4 entries. Everyone on the site will be given 4 votes, which they can use in any way they wish. Simply post your vote on the azalea puzzle you like, and it will be recorded. The one with the most votes will be the Azalea War Winner for 2013.
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Nor do I miss the third season of California, the BLACK season when the fires come and blacken the land.
Joke, One day we were working in the garden and my wife yelled and for once not at me. I went to investigate and she said, " That flower that was here just vanished". I told her it would be OK as soon as the drugs wore off and her vision returned. AS I finished the line another little plant went down in the ground like in the movies. I few words were passe about the linage of the creature and a hose was retrieved and turned on and placed in the hole. Sure nuff a little furry critter came out coughing and hacking and was scooped up and given the proper tong then taken to the back and released on the side of the hill. I said why did you let the little ship go and she replied Rattle Snake food. He never did return.


PG, I bet you don't miss the Santa Anas or the gophers. . . .


Very nice possum one of the things I miss about living in CA.


Sounds wonderful, LJ!

laurajane coral honeysuckles arrived! They are both 21" long and have a few little flowers on them. They are so nice! I have them in the window sill, in the shade, well doused in water, getting acclimated, as the email instructed. They came in a long, thin box and inside they were wrapped in a tube of corrugated cardboard, to which they were affixed with a ton of tape. They had the soil covered with wads of moist newspaper and then the whole pot was wrapped in plastic and another ton of tape. I wondered how any plant could have survived this method of packing, but lo and behold, they were perfect! I am at work now, so I will have to post a photo of them later. I just wanted to let you know that they arrived.


Pant pant!!!


I got a notice today saying that my plants should arrive in a few days. Oh boy!


Thanks for the comments, and LJ, I can hardly wait to see what your honeysuckle plants look like! I ordered 2 or 3 plants from the company you ordered from - - just to check it out - - but they probably won't arrive until next week.


They are fabulous!! Thanks so very much Varda!!


Plumpossom, I should be getting my little coral honeysuckles this week. I will let you know when they come in!


Wow, didn't realize that it takes them so long to ripen. Thank you, Plumpossum.