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For All Bugosians Was Able to Get This Photo of P-Squirt Today

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I have it on the highest authority that Mr. Sponge-Bob Pee-Squirt is still in a coma, and that he will soon emerge, unrecognizable in his newest incarnation. And, as you are all aware of my personal (dis)connection with him, you all know I'm speaking the truth.

if i could help mr psquirt in any way i would Im not afraid of heights either in case thats what youre thinking but hes lying fast abed in a coma the biggest excitement hes getting these days are his sponge baths this stupid excuse for a false id is typical of the idiots who keep accusing him dont forget hes the one who got shot


I think the glove on the left belongs to newter-potty-mouth. If he jumps next I hope he forgets his parachute.


He even has the audacity to flaunt his escape!!.......and he has help......probably that pissed-as-a-newter.......


Oh, no--he escaped!!! Do you have the coordinates? We can send out a search (and destroy) team!


It is obvious from the above picture, that octomom's observation was way could P-Squirt have completed any puzzles while in a coma. And now we have pictorial proof that no only is he not in a coma, in fact he isn't even in custody anymore. Has justice gone awry???