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Yay! For the first time in my life, I finally won something...


Not so far, but I will check after breakfast.

Your peeing frogs win.....hands down.....urine down......whatever is appropriate! ROFL (sorry)


Heard another thunk on the outside of my house just now. I went to investigate, and found a huge nearly iridescent froggy, about ten times the size of the one I found in my lanai yesterday, half starved (I put him out in the garden). I scared the new one silly just by opening the door, so he thanked me by peeing all the way down the house... But sand in your socks and poop on the dog? What next? Did you get my very important email?


Especially walking back with sand in your socks. Then, the indignity of Maggie stepping in poop on the way back, so the foot/shoe cleanup was even more fun. Ah, the coast! :D


Sure, sure, Jan, have a laugh at my expense. I had a laugh too, right after I did the laundry and the stain came out of the clothes.

Sneaker wave got your sneakers? There's got to be some irony in there somewhere... !


I'm still trying to recover from the "Coke Can Incident." Sorry, but I laughed. Couldn't help it. We are at the coast in Neskowin and Maggie and I got caught by a sneaker wave. I couldn't run fast enough and am now drying my sneakers. Oh well.

Yes, I read Get Fuzzy every day. That was usual.


Did you see "Get Fuzzy" in the Sunday funnies? You'd have gotten a big laugh over it. It mentioned Eugene. I tried to find a link, but Go Comics doesn't have an archive that I could locate.


Whew, for a minute there I thought you went bonkers. I'm glad to hear it's as soon as November.

As far as the coke cans go, I had to take Tootsie to the vet today because of extreme overgrooming. She's now on amitriptyline, and good luck pilling her. The first thing she did when the vet tech got her out of her carrier was pee all over everything. I got bloody trying to get her out from under the covers and into the carrier. It had to be a surprise attack while she was sleeping or else she'd hide under the bed and I'd have had to cancel the appointment. Because I am never near the side of my carport that the passenger side is on where I had to load Tootsie, I found another can (this one unopened) in among the planters. As soon as I hit post here, I'm going to have to try and get it opened so I can throw it away. I'll let you know if I have to do a load of laundry tonight!

As far as crazy stories, things always seem to happen to me. All the bad things are overshadowed by being able to spend time with my sister, Amy. She was over today cleaning my artwork so they can get hung next week. Yay, soon it will really feel like home. The damned things have been all over my house helter skelter, making it very difficult to vacuum and mop. We spent a few hours today figuring out where to put all my myriad things (and I have more than the average household worth, according to my sister ~ I told her she should have seen what I gave away before coming here!), and then she cleaned the humongous lithographs and heavy framed mirror. In other words, we don't do much of anything because it's so difficult for me to go out, but just getting together is sweet. We do a little shopping when I need things at stores Macy's and go out to dinner every once in a while. She understands that I have to stand before the meal comes and that I don't have much energy for shopping, so I can be myself when I'm around her. So, in that respect, I'm very glad I'm here. As for the rest of it, including the two back-to-back 90-degree days of late, not so much. I'm still waiting for that one week of winter I've been promised. They say I'll need to turn my heat on, and I merely smile, look at them and say, "Bring it on..."


My Bad!! My Bad! I MEANT NOVEMBER!!! (boy is my brain gone. No WAY it could be put off 'til next year. In fact, I want it done the soonest possible. We are visiting the grandkids for Christmas. ( I have never even met our grandson. He will be almost TWO!) And, I would like to be able to do things with them, even if I can't lift them.

OMG, how could I have said February! You must have thought I was NUTS!! Proofreader STAT!

And, I do know at least one good "hospitalist." My PCP does it for one day a week. :D

I am stuck on the vision of you racing down the driveway chasing coke cans. Oh MY! As if your initiation into your new world wasn't bizarre enough, Gail.

Now, tell me about some of your good times with your sister and other good things happening there. Are you glad you made the change?

We are actually quite happy here, to my great amazement. We both seem to be pursuing other things (our hobbies) with great zest. Now, we just have to get out and socialize. We are still mostly together all the time. There are only 2 couples (outside of family) that we even see at all.

Well, since surgery isn't next week.....we are going to the coast for 4 days. We had already booked and paid for the place. It is a very easy place for me to stay. Even walking down to the beach is easy. It is #8 at the Breakers at Neskowin. You can see it online. John will make fires every night. They restock it in the mornings as well as bringing the paper. Maggie will not be walking with me as much. I will be quite careful to not overdoing it. But, walking doesn't seem to be a problem as long as it's not straining walking. However, I have been told not to exercise. I think they mean weights and those types of workouts.
Talk to you later!


Well, I hope it doesn't turn into an emergency while you're waiting. Are some fun vacation plans the reason you want to put it off until February?

When I was hospitalized 10 times over 100 days with my pancreatitis, I had a hospitalist that visited me every day. My stays were at either Providence St. V. or Providence Newberg. I sort of split my time between them so as to not play favorites... Before I found the PCP of my dreams, Ruth Fischer-Wright, I had Stuart Morgan as my PCP. He was absolutely wonderful. I had to change PCPs because he decided to become a hospitalize at Providence. His wife is Barbara Zavanelli, a renowned endocrinologist, who was also my endo. I would trust him with my life. The point of my story is hopefully so you have less fear about hospitalists. I'm sure there are some bad ones, just as there are some bad doctors, but I don't think your fears are necessarily warranted.

In yet another "only me" story, here's mine of yesterday: The Tale of the Exploding Coke Cherry Zeros. I had gotten a 12-pack carton of them. When I opened up the box to put them in the fridge, I noticed that eight of them were mangled, seemingly closed up but with tops badly out of shape. I took the four good ones out, and put the rest of the carton on my lanai two days ago, intending to return them yesterday. I had a mammogram so I had to be out. I picked up the box and brought it out to my trunk. I opened up my trunk, and all hell broke loose. The bottom bottomed out and every single can went rolling (and exploding) down my driveway and into the street. Imagine me trying to catch them all as they're hissing down the road. I couldn't leave them, since I live next door to the managers and would've been in trouble. I picked them up and brought them into my house, throwing them into the sink and hoping they wouldn't further explode in my absence. I didn't even have time to change. Good thing it wasn't regular Coke. I'd have had an invasion of those pesky crazy ants all over the place, including my body. Go figure!


More recently, a lot of the hospitalists are people who do not have a practice of their own. I don't know why. John insists that it is because they are so bad that they can't get malpractice insurance. But, essentially they are the on call doctors who handle the emergencies.

We are able to plan this surgery. They had feared that the bowel was twisted into a "knuckle." The CT scan showed that that is not the case. So, I don't meet with the surgeon until a week from Monday. I would like the work done in the first full week of February. I don't know if this is possible. We can not put it off for long, but, it isn't an emergency right now. But, I WILL be cut open and the recovery time is about 6 weeks. That means to lifting more than ten pounds, no exercise, not too many stairs initially (???). The possibly good news is that the surgeon has had extra studies in the abdominal region and is very familiar with hernias. Plus, she is a plastic surgeon. So, who knows, my new zipper may be quite attractive. I wonder if I can talk her into removing all the inner body fat? or a least part of it.......

The good news in all this is that I don't have gall stones. Yippee! I'll be at PeaceHealth, RiverBend in Eugene. I will try to get my anesthesiologist that I adore. He is a master at his work. And, he is a friend of my brother's.

And, that is all the news that is fit to print!

Thanks for your concern, my friend, I do appreciate it! :D))


Oy oy oy. Such tsuris (troubles in Yiddish). I'm so sorry, Jan. I'm finding I have to be my own best advocate when it comes to medical care here. In Oregon, I loved everyone at Providence and trusted them implicitly. Here, it's another story altogether.

My understanding of a hospitalist (and I've had them in the hospital) is someone who manages your care while you're hospitalized. I didn't know they performed surgery. What's the recovery time? What hospital are you going to? Is it day surgery or will you be admitted? So many questions, so little time. Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t and more sh*t...

Please let me know what's going on, either here or by email or phone.


Well, Gail, the news is in. I must have a surgical procedure to repair the hernia. I have been insisting I had a hernia since June and my Portland doctor didn't think so. So, of course, I have been doing all the wrong things.......including the moving of all those cases of wine. They are trying to schedule me ASAP with a surgeon. I don't want the "hospitalist" who specializes in this kind of surgery to do it. He almost killed my dear friend Kenny. John got him with the emergency gall bladder (necrotic) surgery about 5 years ago and he came out ok. But, still.

It's all been a whirlwind since the ultrasound results came in and my doc wants it done, STAT. Frankly, I am a bit concerned. It will be open surgery, not laproscopic. That's actually safer, but.....
it will be more complicated because I still have a lot of body fat. (Damn those indulgences during the move).....but better than it would have been a year ago!

Unfortunately, the surgeon's scheduler called at the same time as the CT scanner appointment person, so I have to get that Doctor's appt today.

BTW, the barium drink is not as unpleasant as I thought it would be. They even label it a barium smoothie! :D


You're a wreck, Jan! I'm sorry to hear that, and wish you good luck in healing.

Some people could never tolerate Oregon weather, and some couldn't tolerate Florida's. Winter is coming here, and there's a nice breeze outside. A few nights the a/c didn't even have to go on when I set it to 80.

Critters, yuck. Birds, yay! Tons of egrets, funny mockingbirds, blue herons, different kinds of ducks, etc. And the lizards? Everywhere you walk. They're fast and get out of the way. They shimmy up the screens on my lanai and I hear the "zip, zip" when they running up it. They come in all sizes imaginable. I had a tiny one in my bedroom the other day, which took a while to catch and release. But the crazy ants and the pharaoh ants? Not to be believed. And fire ants that sting and bite like nasty little vultures.

I didn't know you had a massive wine collection. That must have been one heckuva job.

Hernia? Gall stones? Acid reflux? Boy, you really ARE a wreck. Please let me know when you get the results. My fingers are crossed it's something easy and fixable. You don't need your gallbladder if it has to come out. Just eat a lot less fat.

Till next time.


That is my way of marking the puzzle so it appears and tells me I need to respond. :)

I have gained 9 pounds since March. Gee, I wonder if the move, the movers, the buyers, the tenant, the renovations, etc. had anything to do with it! Now, I have injured my knee and am limited in exercise, so we are really having to watch the food intake.

Your weather is nutty. I am not sure that it would be my cup of tea. At least I understand the weather we get here.

And critters.....palmetto bugs were bad enough. The occasional lizard and small crocodile.....but a house attack by a FROG???!!!

I guess that I will not complain about the ant swarms that appear periodically. We have had two major skirmishes since we've been here. They like the bathrooms, which is even creepier. YUCK!!! Luckily, that is John's area of responsibility. LOL

We just moved our wine down on Thursday. Thank GOD! Now, we are truly moved in. It was a ghastly experience driving up, dodging highway patrols, ending up with a huge yellow 16 foot truck instead of a van. Not having a ramp that worked and shocks were gone, too. Hauling the cases to the truck and unloading them later. I pushed each case 16 feet to the end of the truck, (all hunched over) and John carried them to the garage. Then, the next day cataloguing the wine and placing it properly in the cellar. We were whipped puppies!

My glass is going along swimmingly. I am having a ball.

I'll tell you about the ultrasound results when I know them........I know I haven't mentioned this before. We think - hernia (family history) or gall stones (rapid weight loss often leads to this) or acid reflux???!!! I think it is the later AND maybe one of the other, too. Details to follow....


Jan, I'm not sure what your comment means. Can you explain?


I'm sorry you've both been ill. I hope recovery is soon.

I've been wondering how you've been faring with your weight loss. The beauty of it all is that you know you did it once and you know you can do it again. Care to share the total lost so far, or what's left to go?

I know how you feel about creating and time allotment. It's been ages since I've solved more than a few small puzzles a day, sometimes not even that much. It's great you're enjoying the fusing so much.

Tonight was the first ~ I repeat, the FIRST ~ night where I set the thermometer to 81 degrees and the a/c didn't kick on. It's now a lovely 79 in here, and it's cooler outside, but then again, it IS 3:00 a.m. here... I sense winter is coming. The temps are getting a bit cooler, and I'm doing better physically than I did when I first got here and had to contend with horrendous heat and humidity. Fortunately (or unfortunately), it's starting to dry up around here. This part of Florida gets between two and three inches of rain on average in the winter, and the high temp is around 75 and the low around 50. My sister says it can go down into the 30s, but seeing is believing...

I have another could-only-happen-to-Gail story. When I first moved here, I noticed nasty, gunky, disgusting brown stuff on my house siding and didn't know what it was. Then one night, Frankie started pawing at the kitchen window, and he never goes on the counter (at least he hasn't here, for some odd reason). I looked out and there was a frog. I knew I had my culprit at that point. I had someone evict it, cleaned up the mess, and he was right back at it again. My bug guy told me to put mothballs in between the shutters. It worked, but it about made me die of the fumes. The stink came all into my house and I removed them. Tonight, I was at the computer and heard this "thunk" against my outside wall. I opened the door to investigate, and there was an even bigger frog than the previous one. The tiny one made such a godawful mess that I didn't want this larger one to even gain a foothold on my house, so I brushed it away with my hand. He jumped higher up and I brushed it away again. This time, the damned thing landed on my head. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gross, disgusting, slimy, nasty. I got it down and went in to shower. You already know about the two palmetto bugs that landed on my leg on my lanai? Who does this HAPPEN to????

Thanks for the info on Angie's List.


Good with the new painter, Gail. They really are hard to find and gems if you do find one. As to Angie's List. It is city based. We had to have a subscription for Portland AND Eugene. So I am not sure how they do it out there. But, we would only be able to access for those 2 cities. Bummer!

I've been fusing up a storm here. I am starting to like it a lot more than creation on Jigidi. I may just pull away from posting completely. Solution to the how to spend my allotted time for Jigidi.

John had a miserable cold. Of course he shared it. Good news is that he is REALLY sick when he has a cold. I just smile and move through it. I am pretty tired though. We've started back seriously on our weight loss. I gained 12 pounds since we started all this in March. Not acceptable. So here we go with our FUN again!

I'm really jealous of your weather. Yesterday was sheeting rain AGAIN. We set records in September. And, it destroyed a lot of our fall garden veggies. Dang it all!


I have a new painter coming in three hours. Hopefully, he's a good one. Maybe if I need other people, you'd look up some for me on Angie's List. I think it's a paid site and I don't have a subscription. In the good news department, the weather yesterday was beautiful ~ in the 80s and with a nice breeze. Winter's coming!


I just hate workmen who take no pride in their work. I hate workmen who treat you like dirt or like a "woman who won't know better." I hate workmen who do not live up to their promises. I hate workmen who overcharge and underdeliver. Well - you get the picture! I am so sorry you got a painter like that! We select all of our work people from Angie's List. That way, at least if you are unhappy, you can give them bad marks that will definitely affect their business. So, they work a bit harder we've found.

I know what you mean about stale. But, since I am backing away, I don't want to try new things right now. When I do, I sure know who to call, my friend. I have been enjoying your "new looks" tremendously!

Animals are really expensive, but what can you do? I am so sorry about those expenses. You certainly didn't need THAT right now!

Keep safe and dry, Jan


Jan, I have no idea who davie is. I just looked at his/her profile. If they had created any puzzles, you could have left a comment there.

I'm learning new things every day, and it feels terrific. I felt my kaleidos had gotten stale for the most part. It's so easy, I could teach you in half an hour how to make the patterns. The rest, as far as putting them in puzzles, you already know how to do.

I do understand how you feel about Maggie. Unfortunately, dogs' lives are generally shorter than cats' lives are, so a dog lover gets to grieve more frequently than a cat lover. I know you do the best you can for her, so that when the time comes, you'll realize that you gave it your all. That's about the best any of us can do. Unfortunately, my all has included over $1,000 in the last few weeks for Frankie and Schnellie.

And my dramarama continues. I had to fire my painter yesterday. After two weeks of coming in late and leaving early, not ONE room is completely finished. Not one. Two weeks for a 1,200 square foot house, that didn't even include the kitchen, entry, or both bathrooms. Major OCD, ADHD, bipolar, and a lot of him yelling at me when I asked him to at least complete one room. The last straw came yesterday when he refused to finish putting the first coat of paint on in my Florida room. He left one window sash that's about 2" x 4' unpainted, and he started yelling at me for asking that he finish at least the first coat of it before he left (after coming in an hour and a half late, leaving after an hour for lunch, and wanting to cut out two hours after that. So, it's back to square one. I should have put an end to it after the first few days, after he tore apart every room and never finished one. The Pollyanna in me needs to be tamped down so I don't always hope for the best out of everyone and that tomorrow will be better than today. I'm incredibly discouraged and still living in chaos. Oh well, tomorrow will be better than today..........


Hi Jan, it's your puzzle "Numbers One Through Eleven", and thanks for permission. I had a sample go round with it, but didn't save anything. It will be marvelous to be able to use it. I'll probably have something ready by early next week, if not sooner. If and when you want to make patterns, it's very easy, just need to know the program name and a couple of details. I'd be happy to walk you through it, since I'm getting help from a Jigidi friend and would like nothing more than to be able to pay it forward.

I know exactly how you feel about commenting. I don't know how people like Kirsten do it. My choices are: commenting, solving, creating, everything else in life, not necessarily in that order. My first choices re Jigidi are creating and solving, so I do manage to keep my commenting short and sweet.

I heard about the storm. Remember the 1996 one? Was that ever a mess. I had a house in Tigard with my ex. We lived in a cul-de-sac inside of a dead end, and a tree fell across the road in the dead end entrance and took out the power line to our enclave, leaving one car in and one out. Lost power, heat and hot water for ten miserable days. I never want to go through something like that again. Fortunately, we had a wood stove and were able to heat soups and tea on it. I'm sorry to hear about your window issues, and hope it's properly fixed soon.

Things are pretty much the same here. The Money Pit continues. Frankie has not had another seizure since his second one. Schnellie still has nasty diarrhea, still in the diagnosis phase. Her choking attacks have lessened greatly since she's been on prednisolone. Another week or so, then so begins the tapering off process. It's not clear yet whether she'll need to be on a low dose for the rest of her life or not yet, and I won't know until the tapering begins and possibly withdrawal to see how she does. I'm waiting for the results of the stool sample I dropped off at the vet earlier. Right now, she's purring up a storm on my lap, making it next to impossible to type and be comfortable, so off I go. Take care, and thanks again for permission. When I start creating some patterns, I'll email you a few so you can see what they look like. Same address?


Gail - I have no clue what puzzle you are describing, but yes, go ahead. And thank you for asking!!! I do like what you have been doing recently and it should be fun to see. I will have to learn to make patterns sometime.....

Yes, actually, it has been fun. I have been fusing up a storm and loving it. I have been Jigidi-ing so much less and am happy about that, too. I will be down to four days posting soon and then 3. At 3 I will decide whether or not to just post sporadically. I don't have enough time to spend on Jigidi. Unlike most people, I really am not one to chat away on the comment sections. I would be perfectly happy for people to comment on mine with happy faces and know that I appreciate them for solving the puzzle. All the back and forth on comments leaves so little time to solve and that's my favorite part. Also, I can't keep my responses fresh and new at all! Now I am whining and I will stop.

But, all is well here on the home front, except for the torrential rains. We had a HUGE window leak on the first stormy day. 2 squalls went through and I could barely stay ahead of it. Then, we had to cover and tape the exterior of the window until the window guy came to ID the problem. It is not fixed yet, but at least it is not pouring in any more! How goes it with you?


Hi Jan, I've been expanding my horizons in creating puzzles, and am learning how to fool around with patterns. Would you mind if I borrowed your #1-11 puzzle and played around with it to make some patterns? It wouldn't remotely resemble your puzzle by the time I got finished with it, but it would give me a marvelous base from which to work. If you like my new patterned puzzle style, you'll say yes!!! Seriously, I would certainly understand if you declined.

Are you still enjoying yourself down in College Town? Getting ready for winter? I'm desperately praying for a "cold" winter here, because summer has been insufferable for me. How's Mr. Jiggy and Maggie?


From the looks of this, kittenlove, you didn't miss much! LOL

I'm from NY. I've been missing alot.....since I left there over 20 years


The No Pants Subway Ride is an annual event staged by Improv Everywhere every January in New York City. It started as a small prank with seven guys and has grown into an international celebration of silliness, with dozens of cities around the world participating each year. The idea behind No Pants is simple: Random passengers board a subway car at separate stops in the middle of winter without pants. The participants do not behave as if they know each other, and they all wear winter coats, hats, scarves, and gloves. The only unusual thing is their lack of pants.
This year's event was January 14.


Hilarious captions, boys and girls! Still laughing at a few of them! Thanks so very much!


This photo was taken outside the newly opened clothier "Emperor's New Pants", located right next door to "Gangsta Pants" which is famous for their half-off sales.


hello police, they have stolen my pants!


We are just New Yorkers! what else is new?


The experiment to determine why women wore short skirts, even in winter, ended inconclusively.


The Wall St. Brokers were having a bad day on the markets. Next they were going to lose their shirts.


((( The guy in the camel coat looks just like my brother-in-law. )))


''Can you hear me NOW?''


Hey, you, listen to me. There are a bunch of crazies running around Union Square.


Note to self: Pick up pants at dry elaners before the meeting...

My cousin Vinny got out again (he just pretends he's going to work), clearly the therapy isn't working !!!

Simon says...


The modern interpretation of ''Casual Friday'' has taken a dreadful turn.




Apparently they misheard the call for a flash mob, thinking it was for a mob of flashers...


A new study just out that cell phone use does NOT cause brain cancer BUT may cause forgetfulness was somehow forgotten! If you have symptoms of forgetfulness or cold legs, call this number right now!


OMG! There must be a pants snatcher running lose!