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Squeezing In!

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Edie - The best photos would be now. With all of the dirt where huge growths were removed. It looks like craters on the moon. Those lovely ground cover-y shrub things with the "technical" name of "Ugly Shrub". (They had a natural desire to overtake everything else - specially the flowers.)
(not really laughing, but just a bit. It is ghastly!)


Hope you post some pictures of the garden. Maybe some before and after :-))))


Edie - I am so glad you liked this odd one!
The house is hilarious! All of our stuff comes on Tuesday. We now have paint and carpet inside and plumbing repairs are done. But, the hilarious part is what the gardening/tree guy did today. We had a lot of damaged and out of control trees and foliage and they are no longer there. We have created some room around the ones we really liked and are going to add more. Plus we are going to have 2 raised garden beds. This will be a first for us! So, the next while will be challenging to say the least! :)


A couple days late but it's still as fresh as the day you posted it. Some things just don't get old. How's the house and garden coming along. Are you seeing some progress at least? Thanks for a fun late day puzzle for me Jan.


Rosie - I think he does have something to brag about, too! But, there is a lot to be said for modesty.......unless you are a kaleidoscope on Jigidi!! LOL Thank you so much!

Pat - I'm so glad! I will do more!


Love the different sizes ....


The beautiful upper right is being a space hog---but only because he's the most beautiful and it has gone to his head. Can't help that pride as taken over your puzzle.


Tasari - I really only had room for four and the fifth one was very insistent! I'm glad you liked it! Thanks!

Magda - It was the last one invited to the party and he insisted on staying, even though there was only space for four. Don't feel too sorry for him! LOL


The poor blue/pink one seems ti be squeezed a bit too much. You think he would survive? Would be a pity for such a beauty. Thank you Jan.


You squeezed in some really special beauties here, Jan, it was wonderful fun to solve this one.
Thank you very much.


I'm happy it made you smile! Thank you, Katie!


Really fun layout in this one! And just right for the OFC! Thank you ever so much Jan!!!


Ardy - I would sing along......but there is rain today and my mood is a bit off! But, I LOVE your song!

Hester - what a sweet I see these all cuddly and close! Thank you!!

JC - So glad you liked this!


Another fun one, Jan!


Squeezing in and cuddling close, these little vignettes are a joy. Thanks, Jan! :-D


My, oh, my, what a wonderful day.
Plenty of sunshine, comin' my way.

That's what came to mind with this puzzle, Jan. Thank you. Have a wonderful day.