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Square Kaleido......

36 pieces
68 solves
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Thanks ?nauts.... :) :)


Yes, the black certainly does a great job of setting off the blurple. Nice one.


Thank you Mimi, Jill and Snooker....
Trying to put a bit of a different slant on kaleidoscopes.... With shades of blurple can't go too far wrong.... Thanks again... :) :)


Thank you sweet tater, but this has nothing to do with the black square.... Its a creation all by itself... Black frequently makes a good background for bright colors... Makes them stand out more.... :) :)


Thanks for the advice Sally. That's very kind of you. And I DO use online programs, and don't think I have the options that you mention. But I'll keep that in mind, so that if I ever upgrade or buy some software, I'll know the secret!! Thanks again. :)))

Diamonds and precious stones of all kinds.


Another incredible beauty! Thanks, Sally!


Just plain gorgeous!


Oh WOW! What a way to start the day! You've turned that black square into something truly amazing, S'mores!! I love it!!!!


Thank you Kirsten... Glad you enjoyed... Great solve time speedy....

One of the secrets of clarity is to start with a fairly large image with good resolution.... We use 2000 x 2000 pixels and 72 dpi.... Sometimes a filter will distort the image a little, but most of the time it retains its clarity.... A lot depends on what software you're using... Some of the on-line programs don't give you a choice of size or resolution... Hope this info is useful..... :) :)


Thanks Shirley.... Some of our favorite colours... Glad you liked the design.... So glad you have your power back on too..... :) :)


Wow! Why didn't I notice this earlier? It's really beautiful, Sally. And you get amazing clarity in your images. That somehow manage to survive the terrible effects of Jigidi's compression. Thanks - it's truly lovely. :)))


Really beautiful colours in this one Sally, Pretty Kaleido design too, Thanks Sally :):)