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So that's it! This one is different from the rest. Maybe that's why I wanted to solve it. I hope you remember how you created this one because it's reeeeeallly nice. And yes, you've corrupted me on two counts- butterflies and hearts. You don't see me complaining either. ;-))))))


The butterflies have never been my favorites, either, but I did like this one--maybe because I picked the first of the animated swirling frames, where the original swirl is only slightly distorted (the pair at the bottom), as the base for it, before I imploded it. So many of the swirls, which tend to look alike in the originals anyway, look REALLY so much alike as butterflies that I can't get excited about any one in particular, but this was just enough different for me to be happy with it. (Wow, I've corrupted your taste with butterflies as well as hearts! LOL!!!).


Pat, surprise, surprise. I've never been all that fond of the butterflies, but boy oh boy, it sure was a fantastically fun puzzle to solve. I have a new appreciation for these. Thank you! :-)))))


Oh, my, those records are going to sound rather strange when I play them! LOL! Thanks, Edie and Ardy! :-)))


Fun one to solve, Pat. The bottom half looks like LP's that were left in the sun and melted. Thanks, Pat.

Fly has been noted and will be added to your list.


Not sure what's more fun, the fly or the name. Good one. Thanks Pat