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Fancy Schmancy Wheel Cover..... (Mini Cooper Size)....

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Thanks for clearing that up Mr 'O'... Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between an '08 and and '05... Especially those withOUT cupholders... Must have been a design change between '05 and '08... You could probably get yours retrofitted... I must admit I learned to drive in a '48 Studebaker... It tried to do me in twice.... :) :)


Smor-or-less, I went to the back of the barn to check... Mine is the 1905 Studebaker withOUT the cupholder.




It has Patti.... Got the hair dryer out really fast and so far none of the keys stick.... :) :)


Thank you pkin.... Glad you liked it.... :) :)


(Sorry about that. I hope your keyboard has recovered!)


That's the first thing I thought of was a hub cap. Very pretty one tho. Thanks Sally


Thanks Shirley, this is the polarized one we talked about... Turned out to be a pretty good wheel cover.... :) :)

Thank you Fay... Glad you enjoyed this one.... :) :)

Snooker, very true and in East L.A. the car would be gone too... :) :)

Ank, I didn't know you had that kind of a problem in NL too... I guess it's everywhere..... :) :)

Thank you JB... I think the wheel covers might be bigger than the car... Mini Coopers are small, but cool.... Glad you enjoyed it....

Mr 'O', I thought you had a steam powered 1908 Studebaker Caprice ragtop, with a V5 engine, dual overhead cams, Nickel plated roll bars, triple exhausts and a cup holder in the back.... I think PG posted a few photos of it.... :) ;)

Thanks pumpkin, he usually is, either way ahead OR way behind....I think he likes the rainbow colored chrome.... It goes so well with Topolinos.... :) :)

Pay that one Patti... Rule #4, do not read PLG's comments when drinking coffee... Not good for the keyboard.... :) :)


I've always wondered how to spell "schmancy"! Thanks for clearing that up! :) Oh -- and nice puzzle, too!


The perfect wheel cover, Sally.


I am surprised you don't have them already, oddio. A man with your style-I would expect you would be ahead of the crowd. :)


I've ordered four for my 1949 Fiat Topolino 750 MM Zagato coupe.


I would LOVE to see the Mini Cooper this would be on. It would have to be something extra special, too! Love it! Thanks!!


Lovely. Pat in the most places In NL too.

Put that on a car here and it would be stolen in 2 seconds flat. Lovely design.


Sure is fancy, thanks a lot Sally


A pretty snazzie sort of a wheel cover we have here! Ms Sally, very creatively down, great puzzle, Thanks Sally. :) :)


Thank you Sissel.... I enjoyed your beautiful butterflies this morning... Was a good way to start the Jigidi day.... :) :)


Pilley, I got your note.... Thank you.... No worries about being fast, I'm not either.... But every once in awhile I get surprised and the pieces just fall in place.... Fun is what its all about and this Jigidi sure is fun.... :) :)


Thanks for this nice puzzle :-)


Nice colors and design on this one, see my note on your Refrectrive post a couple of days ago, thanks for the posts, I enjoy them even if I am not fast.