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Squeezers! (not good enough for Squeezin' In!)

40 pieces
128 solves
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Lindsay! Thanks! If I could remember how I did this one, I might make another! LOL

Edie - Oh Yeah! do I know that! Poor Queen Bee. She can't help herself! (or can she????) :)


Well I thought it looked like Queen Bee which was fine with me. Pay back and all if you know what I mean. LOL Thanks Jan.


Way to stretch the imagination! It's kind of like looking at the kaleidos through a glass of water. Especially love the affect it had on the top right. Thanks for another fun one Jan.


Thanks, Mimi - I think I may be becoming manic.....but it gets me away from putting away all those things we unpacked!


We all cheer for your investigative Jigidi instincts - so many great results! Thank you! :))


Ardy - no living things were smooshed to make this puzzle! Only in your imagination! LOL Thank you so much!!

Thanks, Katie. I will be trying other ways to smoosh, too! Color me crazy! :D


Such a fun science experiment! Thanks Jan!


Is that some of Edie's chickens being squeezed in the top left? The top right and bottom right both remind me a jellyfish. Fun puzzle and great shapes. Thanks, Jan.


JC - What a sweet thing to say! Thank YOU!

Magda - Yes, I got a bit carried away with the squeezing.....all in the name of science, of course......I wanted to see what would happen!

Pat - I'm glad you liked these! I could probably called them "Squishers! - cousins of Squeezers!" I would love to see that vase!


Oh, yes, these are sooooo pretty! I love the colors and patterns, especially the upper right one, which reminds me of a Native American jug/vase I inherited from my mother--super one, Jan! :-)))


Jan, I love these squeeze- puzzles of yours. But don't you think, today they squeezed a bit too much, getting all (beautifully) distorted? They will hurt, poor things. LOL


Loved your puzzles today, Jan! Of course!