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Winter Roses

48 pieces
49 solves
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Lovely, thanks Pat.


The thought was fine; it was the execution that left something to be desired...! But thanks, whatnauts!


Roses in winter - a wonderful thought.


Yes, because the thumbnail is smaller, I think that makes the irregularities harder to see. I think this looks better (not good, just better) when it fills about half the screen--the lines seem to resolve into some sort of clarity at that point...Or not...


Funnily enough (or not, as the case may be!) this looks better in the me anyway, maybe because it is sharper......
(still looks good though, Hee-Hee!)


I made this a few weeks ago, Ardy, and never posted it, but I saw it today when I was looking for things to show, and remembered your Maryland blooms, so I decided to put it up now! Thank you!

I wasn't sure if the strange design, and what turned out to be more blurriness than I expected, would result in fewer solves, but it certainly has...! Oh, well, Katie, I'm glad you joined what appears to be a very exclusive group! Thanks!


I love these dark orange roses! And I really like this new design too! Thanks Pat.


Nice to see that roses are blooming in New York as well as in Maryland. Like the puzzle, Pat. Thank you.


I'm sorry this one looks blurrier than it did in the file and when I tested it...