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Polished agates #3

49 pieces
45 solves
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Oh Jawz..that is nice to know.


Hi Ladywil, Gail (octomom) and I are in Oregon, US. Rob (robryan) is in Brisbane, Australia and Kirsten (RandomWorship) is in Melbourne, Australia. Rob and Kirsten have the heat and the rest of us have cold and colder weather!


I wonder where you are all living. Can you send some of the warmth this way. Here in Montreal it is minus 1C, feels like minus 14C and the wind is blowing the snow all over the place.
Jawz...a beautiful puzzle. Thanks


It may be 35 where Deborah and I are, but it's going to be 27 degrees by morning. Ugh. Can't wait to get to Florida.


Brr!! That's close to freezing!!! We don't even get that mid-winter here!! I'd like just a teeny-weeny bit of it thanks Deborah!!


So bright and sunny where the both of you are!! Rob it sounds like you got the better weather today. And Kirsten, I feel for you...anything over 80-85 F just kills me! And 106F tomorrow!!!! Wish I could send you some of my cold. Not the coldest in the the US, but it is 33F here right now. The grass crunches when you walk on it. Sending cool wishes to both of you!!!


I agree - very bright & sunny!! We've got it a very pleasant 29C & breezy today after a real stinker yesterday. Thanks Deborah.


So bright and sunny!! Thanks. :)))

Like our weather. 36 (97) today. 41 (106) tommorrow. Blech! Tooo hot!!!