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Split rose

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65 solves
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This should be totally white but the poor confused sweetie is obviously pining for its original root stock!


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Dear Ardy, well that's 2 hours of my life I won't get back again! LOL. Funny how my best beloved always manages to be flying off somewhere when we are gifted game birds or when a load of logs arrives to be stacked....hmm, if I didn't know him better I would suspect a conspiracy! ;-)

Ardy, I wouldn't for the world wish to offend you. You are one of the sweetest, most selfless people I have met and it has been a great pleasure to have met you on Jigidi However we stand a better chance of having a chat or exchanging messages on an old puzzle here. Due to various obligations my inbox is currently holding about 200 emails and desperately in need of a tidy out. ( aargh! ) I would hate to miss a missive from you so promise to check on old puzzle comments more often. This has worked for me in the past and I hope it will be an adequate arrangement for you ? Again, please don't be offended .
Ps, glad you enjoyed Growly's message. :-))


Sorry Ardy, I missed this. Things are pretty busy at the moment and if I'm not posting I rarely think to check for messages! My bad :-(( I'll send you a message later on. Just now I've been handed a brace of pheasants which need plucking....boy, would I rather be playing on Jigidi!!!


Two-toned is good!! It's a beautiful flower. Thanks for posting, Hester. I also posted a two-toned 80 piece puzzle today. Check it out and let me know what you think.


Ardy, thanks for popping in. It's always lovely to have you visit :-))
Dagmar,I'd love to see that rose, it sounds divine! I have a mini standard rose as well which is buttercream in colour but occasionally throws up a pink branch. Maybe there's something in the soil, who knows. :-))


It might have personality problems, but it reall looks lovely. I have got a similar case. One of my roses has yellow roses but of a variety that doesn't lose the petals after blossoming, a bit like hydrangeas, and over the weeks the yellow changes to a light pink.
Thanks for this beaute and have anice day. :))


Sure makes for a very different and pretty rose. Thanks, Hester.