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Colored Lines Grid (Smaller)

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I hope it will be like that, Ardy, because even though I've never actually lived there, it always feels like going home to me! When we first connect with Route 128, then see all the buildings I remember along the way, then cross the Tobin Bridge and get into town, and then, of course, see the ocean.......oh, my........ I'm sure I'll get to Rockport, and I'll tell it hello for you, and ask it to send you good memories across all the miles and the years.......


Pat, go to Gloucester and let the beauty and delight of being there wash over you and wash away all the mundane and worrisome things at home. Unless posting will make your trip more enjoyable then don't post. If you get to Rockport give it my greetings. How I'd love to be there again.


Sorry for the typos! :-)))


Oh, darn it, I don't know how that happened! Yesterday was one of my better days, when I had time to answer comments several times during the day. I also did a sweep through both of my profiles right before I went to bed at eleven, and answered every puzzle I found new comments on. So how I missed EVERYBODY's comments since around ten yesterday morning, I have no clue!!!

Anyway, thanks so much, Barb, Ardy, PJ! Mandy, and Rosie! This actually wasn't that bad to draw, because, even though I had to change colors with each line, I made many fewer boxes than I usually do--it's only 11 by 12--so that saved lots of time in drawing and especially in coloring the boxes in! That's only 132 boxes--the grid I just drew with black lines last night, on the other hand, is 27 by 27, and I'm afraid to even multiply that out...! LOL!!! anyway, I'm glad you all had fun with it.

We go away to Gloucester Thursday morning, back late Monday, so I may or may not post puzzles during that time. I can't take the desktop computer away, and that's where thenPaint program is, and all the files are, but I hope I can set up a extra few puzzles ready to be posted, before we leave, and then I can just use the iPad to post them, thanks to Jigidi's new system. But I doubt if I'll have enough extras ready for even one profile for all the days..... :-(((


Wow, these are larger and very brightly colored. Love the neons and the different sized rectangles. Thanks for another fun one.


Lovely coloured lines grid, thanks Pat - I've bookmarked the larger one... for one day!!!


Pat - thanks for a fine game of color-hunting, these 'hunting expeditions' are quite enjoyable - when the puzzle is so carefully composed :-)


Pat, This must take forever to make but it looks like it might be fun to do. It was fun to solve. Thank you.

Pat, thanks for the information about Arbor Day over on Mandy's Who Knew puzzle. That will be this week Friday then. And Happy Birthday to Jessica today.


Lots of bright colours, lots of fun, Pat! Gosh, you were over a minute faster than me. :-)


Thanks, Katie! I kept trying to solve it as if they were all squares, not different sizes of rectangles--and I made the darn thing! Duh! :-)))


I love this squaertangle grid Pat! The colored lines add so much to the fun!