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The South Texas Christmas Miracle, 2004

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This was the first White Christmas in Corpus Christi, TX far as anyone knew. It started snowing on Christmas Eve, 2004 and this is what it looked like on Christmas Morning. It was officially dubbed the "South Texas Christmas Miracle"...

We will sometimes get freezing rain and ice towards the last of January and into February....but not really cold in fact, I've known it to be so warm, we had to run our AC on Christmas Day.........


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Fascinating story!!


When I briefly lived in Clute, down near Freeport, TX, another transplanted New Englander told how he invited a couple over for Christmas dinner and told them not to ring the bell, but to walk right in. If they stood on the doorstep, he said, the mosquitoes would eat them alive. So yeah, I have an idea how unusual this is! :-)


PD and R3...y'all set records for most days BELOW freezing ......We set records for most days ABOVE 100+.....I'm not sure which is worse.


And, Putter, we are probably setting a record for the most nights with below zero temps tonight too. Right now it's 12:30 in the morning on 2/28 and it is 18 degrees below zero with a wind chill of 30-40 degrees below zero. I'm in Mn. right next door to Putter so our temps are usually pretty much the same.


Well, I'm glad y'all had a chance to witness a White Christmas, but up here in Green Bay, WI, it's kind of normal for us. We just set a record today of the most days in a row with entirely below freezing (32 F) temperatures. Okay, a new record has been set. Now let's get a temp above freezing!!!!


At Disney World one year I saw a man wearing a hat that said:



I did a stint in Montana one year for work, and the snow was so beautiful, so I told my staff they weren't allowed to walk across it, but must stay strictly on the sidewalks! GGL, you're right, we don't see much of the white stuff in Texas, so it's a novelty.


It happened to us about 1980 in Rochester, NY. We went to bed Christmas Eve with green grass everywhere, something unheard of up there. But when the kids woke us up just 6 or 7 hours later for our "Merry Christmas" morning there were 2 FEET of snow on the ground! And of course, not a single footprint (or reindeer track) anywhere yet.


This picture was taken at my son's house....the tire tracks in the snow in the street is from a pick up truck that was pulling kids on cardboard up and down the street....Here in Texas, we find our fun where we can....LOL