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CHIHULY! Richmond! Pleasing Color and Form

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In another room of the Chihuly exibit, there were several displays of these types of pieces. The color usage, form, and displays of them were very pleasing to the eye. And heart for that matter. The closest one is about 24-30 inches in daimeter as I remember.


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Thank you! (Tweaked from an old Currier & Ives card, courtesy public domain.) The larger form will be posted tomorrow in time for all of us in the applicable time zone. I posted another one in my alter-ego (puzzaddled2) today since some of our friends "down under" are counting down now! Oh yeah, and one for Magnus & Stefan too...). Did you get a chance to see the snow globe I posted today for you to look at? We need the bird watcher's skills! ;-D


Thanks Michelle!!! Back at ya! Word for Word! (Awesome new logo by your name,too! Well done!)


Your eye just gets drawn in to these works... I cannot express how happy that you have made me by sharing such wonderful works of art that you have captured so beautifully on film. Your own artistic sensibility has contributed to my enjoyment, no end. Kindred spirits in this matter at least (well, with little feathered friends too...). Thank you, Dave, and I am so glad that I found your puzzles! I hope that your New Year is happy, healthy and you continue to see the beauty in life. Michelle