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Clyde BPIG 7-20-15

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Clyde's first show weekend. 6 1/2 months old. Reba's little boy!! ;o)


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Thank you, lola57 ;o)


What a beautiful dog!


Thank you, Monica. We are very proud of him. Donna ;o)


Oh my, he's absolutely beautiful!!! And he's only 6 and a half months old in this pic? That's amazing. So, I take it they grow up really fast! In this pic he looks so majestic, so very proud! And, you must have been just as proud of him too...Monica


Thank you so much, Diannepuzzle!! ;o)


That puppy dog is all class !




Thank you, testing123. I still miss all of mine that are gone.


The puppies are 9yrs old now and Momma is sadly gone as is the first pup of her first litter which was Tobias who I could not part with, and still miss madly. You will find him in the puzzles as well. Your dogs are outstanding.


Thanks Ellen!! He won last weekend, too. He now has 5 points towards his Canadian championship!! I have his sister, Ophelia here with me. Hoping to start her in the fall. I have a 8 1/2 month old bitch I'll be bringing out next week. It will be my first time back in the ring since my car accident last October. Hope I remember what to do!! LOL!! ;o)


I started in Canada, too, with my beloved Putter (Keeshond). He won 6 BPIGs and several adult Group placements before he turned 1 year old. May you have that sort of fun with Clyde!


Thanks, Sara. He won yesterday, too. He now has 3 points towards his Canadian Championship!! ;o)

Wow !! 6 1/2 months, boy are you gonna have a lot of fun...I see Madison Square Garden in the future..


Thank you, Nadine! We are very proud of this little boy. We're hoping to start showing his sister, Ophelia, in the fall. ;o)


Oh wow! He's just gorgeous. I wasn't aware you put the dogs on show Donna, but I can certainly see why you would. He looks so poised! Lovely......♥


Thanks, Heidi!! ;o)


He's maturing VERY well. I remember commenting on his excellent conformation as a puppy. He's certainly living up to expectations!


Thanks, jyl. He was born on January 3. There are puzzles of him and his sister, Ophelia when they were just a few days/weeks old. His dad Helios is a Canadian Champion. ;o)


A beautiful baby! Is he of your breeding? Love his conformation. Thanks for sharing this with us. ♥


Thanks, Jim!! ;o)


Thank you, sierrasue!! ;o)


That's some puppy!!