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Take A Piece Of My Heart, Baby! (Smaller)

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Glad you enjoyed it Sue--thanks.


Lots of bright fun, Pat, thanks. 2:25


I was a big collector of rainbow jewelry and "art" (posters, cups, pens, t-shirts!) when I was young, a hundred years ago or so... I think that I must be subconsciously recreating my youth! Thanks, Mandy!


I have a set of earrings almost identical to these which a friend gave to me, the only real difference is mine have a greener outside than these - I hadn't made the connection until Jan mentioned it though... all I need now is a rainbow pendant!!!


I never had a holding company, either, Sindy! :-D

Thanks so much, Jan--I have heart-shaped pendants, in particular a beautiful amber one that I love, but I didn't think of the small hearts as earrings--good thinking!

I knew I couldn't fool you, Mary--you got it! Thanks! :-)


It's a heart-shaped swirl! You were just trying to fool us! How creative you are. Love it, Pat! Thanks! 7:23


Pat, these hearts are so beautiful. I see a very large pendant and so wonderful earrings. Of course, I have a lot of heart jewelry and that may be why! Love them!

Didn't I make you feel, like YOU were the only one???? (however, I never had a Big Brother! Hehehe!)


Go for it, Sindy Joplin!

Thanks so much Ardy--I think we exchanged a bit of our hearts, too!


Thanks, Pat. You've had a piece of mine ever since I discovered we share a love for Cape Ann. Thanks for a beautiful puzzle.

You know you've got it--if it makes you feel good!!! :D