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Sour Times

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186 solves
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Artwork by Lynnette Shelley (
Some of Lynnette's works are also sold as jigsaw puzzles
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Hi Sue & schutkleur ~ The blizzard stopped yesterday afternoon. It dumped about 3 feet of snow on us but the constant strong winds caused much drifting and the plows clearing the roads left mounds
of snow 4 feet high and 4 feet deep across the double wide driveway and where we park cars at the
front of the house. We got the walk cleared and the driveway. My son shoveled for over 8 hours straight as the the snowblower broke!!! But we're here & I'm on my way to post my puzzles. Thanks so much for your concern. :))))
ps/schutkleur ... your time is not slow!!! If you enjoyed the puzzle it gave you that much more fun time!!! :))))


I was wondering the same thing Sue.
You`re not snowed-in I hope Cakes????
Great puzzle, I was very slow though, 7:34 :(((


Just wondering how you are with all that snow Joyce. Has it eased of yet? Let me know...Sue


Pucker up!!! :)))))))


Yes, sour alright!....Thanks cakes.....