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Iced Cupcake with a Blue Smartie on top

49 pieces
135 solves
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Thanks Kathy - it's great to see you and I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle :~)

Yes, that's what I thought Kirsten - glad you enjoyed the cake too - thanks :~)


I like how you can still see the cupcake patty pan, pulled away from the cake, Mandy! And the cup cake itself is delightful. Thanks very much! :)))


Such a fun and delightful design. Thank you Mandy :-))))))


Thanks Rosie - your snack sounds wonderful!! You can't beat Greek yogurt :~)))


Beautiful. Now I'm hungry for something fluffy and creamy. Greek yogurt with fruit on the bottom here I come. Thanks Mandy for the inspiration. Rosie


Thanks PJ - I'm delighted I was able to supply you with a calorie free dessert :~))


I hope you are safely snugged up in the warm and dry Edie and not physically being pelted with rain and snow!!! It's good to know you're still smiling :~)

Oh Chailie - I'm sorry!! I hope you found some chocolate - but not too much!! LOL!! Nice to see you :~)


Mandy, so fun. Have just enjoyed dinner - so this was such a nice dessert - and all free of calories :-)


Nice idea for a puzzle Mandy. The only problem is that the thought of smarties has made me fancy chocolate so I shall have to go and find some. I think there is still some left over from Christmas unless OH has eaten it all!! Wouldn't surprise me if he has!!!


Thanks Mandy, this was fun. Still smiling even though we are being pelted by a rain/snow mixture at the moment.