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Good Morning Thought

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If I make anthem any resolutions, I promise to give them up before Lent. thanks for the humor.


Hi Laurajane glad you gor a chuckle. Hope you had a great Christmas.


Funny, pkin!


Mimi I get the warnings on my phone and got another warning theis afternoon we are under blizzard warning until 7 pm. Glad you like the idea of giving the new years resolution to lent.
Katie lucky you that you have someone even when you don't need anything.
Jan come on up we will play in the snow together. I didn't make any last year myself.


I did not make resolutions last year and will not this year. Now I have no guilt feelings


Pat, my ex had an appt. at Ross Heart Hospital this morning and was nice enough to call me to see if I needed anything as I live between there and his house. Luckily, I knew the forecast and went for last minute needs (milk and cat food) on Christmas Eve afternoon. I am so very lucky I don't have to go out in this any more! I always used to be the secretary that worked the week between Christmas and New Year's.


Katie Had to go to Westerville this morning for a Dr appointment. You are so fortunate you didn't have to get out in this.


Hi Pat, I wonder just how many New Year's resolutions are kept that long! I'm not Catholic, but a couple years ago I gave up bacon for Lent as I had been eating way too much of it. I'm a winter storm warning and it's still snowing. So glad I don't have to go to work on days like this now! I don't see a single person outside so I may wait until tomorrow to shovel the sidewalk. I'll just put down some salt on both front and back steps.


Grand idea! Thanks Pat and I'm so glad your day was fun, if tiring! That 18 inches of snow and blizzard warnings were for my daughter in southern IL also.


Good morning Jan hope you had a great day yesterday. Thanks .... Hugs..
Good morning Fran we never fulfill the resolutions anyway so we might as well give them up for a good cause. Hugs...


Cute Pat.
~ Ank, as a child I used to give up chocolate for lent. I can tell you that the chocolate egg was so delicious on Easter Sunday. BTW, good photo - no gloves though.


Hilarious! Love it, Pat!

Also love Ank's new picture!


I see you changed your avatar. I'm looking for you we will shovel togehter.


I got it Sis, thanks. I don't have to go for Lent, I just don't have New Years resolutions.
As you see I just changed my avatar. I'm on my way to help you with that snow.


Good morning Ank Lent is when they (Catholics) give up something for 40 days before Easter. Hugs..
Good morning Ardy My day went great, got to see all the kids and Tiffani's parents. What rolls that didn't get ate the different one took some home to eat with there letfovers. But was I tired. It is snowing here started about an hour ago. We are under a blizzard warning until tomorrow morning. Supposed to get up to 18 inches of snow. I will believe it when I see it. Hugs..


Good morning, Pat. That sounds like a great plan!! LOL How did your day go yesterday? Did all those rolls you made get eaten? I had a lovely, quiet Jigidi Day. Hugs.


Hi dear. The first part is something I like to do. But I don't understand the second part, sorry. I can translate "Give up your New Years resolutions" and also "for lent" But the combination does not make sence to me. Heeelp.