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Graciela, i thank you for the information and for posting a lovely picture of a lovely place. It is a beautiful place visited by beautiful people!


Hi Diego, I live in Oakville it is in your way from Sudbury to Niagara, if you take the 401 or QEW. Regarding a spa package you should check with the Prince of Wales, or the Shaw hotel. The Prince of Wales is beautiful, I love to go for tea there.


I live in Sudbury, which is about a five to six hour drive but was a very relaxing four day trip. Next year she wants to take me for a spa package in the same area. Never had that before. Any suggestion where would be good? Which area are you from may i ask? You are lucky to have a place like that to enjoy.


Fun puzzle g. Thanks


Diego, it is truly a beautiful place! Congratulations on your wedding anniversay! Do you live in Canada? I go there at least once a year, just 50 minutes from where I live.


Just came back from that place. For our 29th wedding anniversary, i took my wife where she wanted to spend two nights. Wine tasting,good food,fresh fruits,shopping, very nice place to be. I think i did good.


nice town thanks