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Here, Springy Springy Springy! :-))) (Smaller)

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Now that was a bouncy comment, a lot more full of vim and vigor than poor snowed-in Spring has been able to muster so thanks, Rosie--I'm glad you liked it! :-)))


When I saw your title all I could think of was Boing, Boing, Boing!!! And then i looked at the incredible colors and realized the title and my response to it fit really well. I do see the olive with the pimento and then the chocolate covered with blueberry crispy or something in the middle. Also really love the purple gradually decreasing in the color spectrum to baby pink. Great effect. Wonderful puzzle. Thanks, Pat. Rosie


Now Edie thought the center was chocolate, and you see a stuffed olive--does that make it an olive stuffed with chocolate?! Oooooh, I hope not! LOL! Thanks, Mary! :-))))))


Gee, it only took me 3 minutes longer than you do solve this one! 4:11 So beautiful and on the outside it's just so PFC! The inside looks a bit like a stuffed olive! What a wonderful mixture! LOL Thanks, Pat!


LOL! I'm glad someone feels that spring is springing, pinknblack! :-)))

Thanks, Aishah, PJ, and Diane--spring break is better than snow! I'm glad you all enjoyed my weather efforts! :-DDD

Thank you-I enjoyed your colorful swirls. I also liked the black around the outside. DIANE FROM N.J.


Wonderful hopeful swirl - Pat, I love your effort to bring spring here...
Aishahm - would you like truckloads of snow from our garden ....? It does look nice and white :-)


Oh, Pat. Do you think you could shovel all that snow into boxes and ship it my way. I do love the spring too, but fewer snow days. On a good note, spring break is almost here. Maybe I can make use of that time to get caught up on my bookmarks!


Holy brightness, Patwoman. Your effort to get spring in the air has succeeded.


This was part of my attempt to cast a spell on Spring, by chanting at it the way I might do with a puppy! I don't think I've got it obeying me, however, even though I used my lucky number 3 both while drawing it and in the incantation...! LOL!

Thanks, Barb, Edie, Lela (so glad you're safe), Ardy, Katie, and Wendy! Now excuse me while I go shovel a little wider path in the snow........ :-(((


Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful Springy Swirl, Springy Swirl, Springy Swirl!


I love the title of this swirl Pat! Great triplets here - thanks!


A wonderful, springy, colorful slide down to a delicious treat. Thanks, Pat. Happy first day of spring.


Glad this springy had no sharp ends........


Lovely Easter colours and I see that the Bunny left a nice chocolate egg for us in the centre. I have already been eating the stuff I bought to make my Easter baskets. Thanks Pat, it was yummy


I love the colour combination today, Pat. Wonderfully bright and very Easterish. Thanks for a delightful swirl! :-)


Thanks so much, Ank, and I'm glad you had fun trying Paint! It really is very versatile. I often tell people who say that there are much more modern programs out there that I should use that, yes, there are, but for thousands of years people have used just a brush and paint to work with, and they still haven't run out of things to create! Besides, Paint lets me draw uniform circles and ovals and stars, and if you've seen my hand drawn version, you know how desperately I need that help! :-)))


Good morning Pat. An other nice one. Yesterday I started to play a little with "Paint" (your fault, lol). Amazing what you can do with it, last week I had not thought you made this with "Paint", now I see how. I made one myself, of course not so beautiful as you do, I miss your experience. But it is nice. I'm not going to make these things, I just love discovering what can be done. So thanks to you.