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Lela, if I knew back then, I don't remember anymore...! Sounds kind of unpleasant to me......

Thanks, Jan--I'm glad you enjoyed the Warhol effect!


Pat - I finally got to this puzzle and I loved it! There is something about the duplication of shapes that I find quite soothing. Thanks so much! Loved the colors, too!!


What is this b.m. of which bookie-persona speaks?.........I am confused......


Actually, PJ, I draw my own swirls by drawing one circle or oval after another, making them touch or not touch where I choose. I have no idea how to do it with a program, so I'm also in awe of people who can do that! Everything but my loonies/kaleidos is drawn by me and colored by me, because that's the only way I know how to do it! I'm a real Luddite, believe me! LOL!


Making swirls is an amazing digital art - thank you for sharing the results with us! PJ


Oh, my, that's interesting, Francine! I'll have to check that out--sounds a bit weird, even for lela, which means it's VERY weird...! LOL!

Yes, it is a strange one, PJ--it's a swirl with overlaid patterns that then was transformed by LunaPic, which is why it has those irregular areas of it's pretty much unrecognizable!


A little on the unusual side - but definitely fun to solve Pat.


Don't worry about lela, Pat. At the moment, he's pre-occupied with Tom Cruise's b.m. Hee-hee.


Oh, no, I forgot about you! Heaven help me.........


(careful what you wish for, hee-hee!)..........I would like........


Before I left for vacation, I know I promised larger versions of several puzzles, some right before I went, and some from a while back. If anyone remembers one they wanted, could you please remind me?! I keep making new ones and forgetting my promises--I'm sorry! :-(((


Thanks, Ardy--the colors really do change things, don't they?! I liked the way the pieces looked when they were broken up--the photo here looks too flat...
However did Phiala do it in less than a minute and a half?!!


It's amazing how just a change in coloring can make a design look so different. Thanks, Pat. 3:23 puts me at $9. That, too, is amazing as I seldom make your boards even for a few minutes.