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Happy Brthday Your Majesty!

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I saw her being crowned Queen, on a black and white screen TV, ah those were the days, lol


And she is coming to our town on May 15th!! I hope I can get to see her-at least from a distance.


I remember as a little boy being kept home from school to watch the coronation. Such pomp and circumstance. She still is an amazing lady.


Oh so do we! I just hope she makes it to 100 - she can send herself a card then!! I met our Member of Parliament the other day and he said that when she had been to the Houses of Parliament that she looked frail...I hope that was just from tiredness. Charles as King ...hmmm...not many are happy with that, probably the 'Camilla Factor' here...most of us want William and Kate but they need an heir. I remember the Coronation. We didn't have a TV so we went to the one person in the road who had one. There was a great party and I presented the Mayoress with a bouquet and won the egg and spoon race!!

When I was little, I used to go to the encyclopedia ( I had to go to the song to help me spell that) and look at the pictures of her,her coronation,and Prince Charles when he was a little boy. She and her sister,Princess Margret Rose were the real life princesses.I hope she has many more birthdays.


That is true. The King and Queen (later to become Queen Mother) said they would not leave London and were pleased when Buckingham Palace was bombed because the Queen said 'Now we can look the East End in the face.' The King and Queen had ration books the same as everyone else.
I would far rather have a Queen than a President. She is a stablising factor and the whole Royals cost us about 69p a year - better than the hundreds we each give to the European Union EVERY day!


And wasn't her Mother the most wonderful of Mum used to tell (and as I later read in history books) me how she would not leave England during WW11.


One amazing lady! Carol, I do agree that a lot of the 'hanger-on' royals should be banished to the Tower but the Queen is wonderful. I wish her well and may she live at least as long as her mother.


She is looking well, cute outfit.


While not a total fan of the Royal Family I am a HUGE fan of Queen Elizabeth.....she is a class act........God Bless her. I saw her when I was a
young child (1950?) and still remember she was so beautiful and so very petite. Thanks Brie1648!


By all means, Happy Birthday, to Queen Elizabeth.