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Ovals With 5 Sets Of Circles Swirled

48 pieces
88 solves
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I have many a worthy puzzle by others languishing in Bookmarks myself, and it keeps getting worse, because more and more people join Jigidi every day, so there are an increasing number of wonderful puzzles beckoning me! We often joke about being addicted, and I'm afraid none of us have found a good way to overcome it, probably because none of us really want to! LOL! At least it's not fattening, and it has no effect on your liver or your lungs, although your eyes might get tired and your mouse-wielding hand develop a few aches and pains......and maybe your house isn't cleaned as often! All-in-all, fairly benign for an addiction, I think! :-)))


I keep finding your puzzles hiding on me in that horrible place called bookmark--how cruel of me to relegate these fanciful, fun, furly, flowery and fuzzy puzzles to a place of purgatory just because I am so slow. Actually it's because I've gone back into your archives and have been pulling puzzles from before I joined and doing those too. I am addicted to these swirly colorful swooping mailboxes and can't stay away. What am I to do???? Is there a self-help group or must I go through withdrawal alone? If so, I refuse because I'll never be successful on my own. Time to do this the latest oldie.


They ran off to the fair without telling me?! LOL! Thanks, Mimi--they're quite fine now!


I think they are looking into one of the distorting mirrors in the fun house. Hope they feel better soon. Thanks, Pat. Poor distorted, melting swircles.


That's because I occasionally leave them them too close to the space heater as I'm posting them..... Thanks, Katie! :-DDD


These always look like melting swirls to me. Thanks Pat!


Thanks, roseheather! :-)))


A very pleasing combination of color and swirl. ; )