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Untitled Because I Can't Think of Anything

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LOL - Wendy is quite correct Magda (if I may call you that?) - I took no offence whatsoever... I love that Jigidi is a place where I can let my hair down - so to speak - and I enjoy the banter and "queer" sense of humour that abounds... and I love double entendre too. I am in the UK, and since you spelled humour with a "u" I wonder where you are?


Magda, I know Mandy very well, and she was only teasing you! She took no offense at all to what you said. I can assure you of that. :-)


Thanks Mandy for the explanation. The problem is, I prefer eating the chocolates myself. Re: Fast, sorry, I have sometimes a bit queer sense of humour. No offence!


Dear Mandy, you are too much. ;-)


Dear oldiepumpkin - I have a magic mouse which, if fed enough chocolate, will solve any puzzle 3-4 times quicker than you will be able to solve it :~) It quite expensive to maintain though... and chocolate prices aren't melting down very fast in this current climate. Thank you for clarifying your last statement... I would not like for anyone to think I was a fast woman ;~)


Dear Wendy... perhaps I should have said "no comment" - but I wanted to thank you for the effort, even if the puzzle was not commentable ;~)


Dear Mandy, do you have a magic wand to solve the puzzles so fast? I almost always use 3 to 4x the time. But congrats, you seem to be so fast ( in puzzle-solving, of course!)


Mandy- I can't think of a good retort. This is a sad day in Jigidiland. LOL


Thanks Wendy - I can't think of anything to comment :~)


Judy, we had to do the exact same thing. I never ever worried about Russia attacking us. We were forced to watch propaganda movies too, and I always thought they were ridiculous. Don't ask me why I thought that, but I did.

I'm hoping that your idea of posting a similar puzzle is because great minds think alike. LOL


Wendy, I'm spooked. I was just trying to make a new puzzle and didn't like it, so I decided not to finish it today. Anyway I was playing with shapes and came up with the same fallout shelter design, but what came to my mind was the air raid symbol, which I think was the same. It brought back memories of having drills in school where we all assumed the turtle position either under our desks or in the hallways. Does this mean great minds think alike...or an impending disaster???

Sorry, MsEngineer. We have unusual conversations in Mosaics. Welcome!


Ms. Engineer, first, I'm so glad you dropped in. I don't know what kind of engineer you are, but the more female engineers there are, the better. There are so many things that I know have got to be designed by men because they make no sense. A for instance is cars where the entire engine has to be removed in order to change a nut or gasket underneath.

I had to remind myself what the old fallout shelter signs looked like. I remember them, but not well enough. You're right, taking the entire design into consideration, they really are similar.

Reminds me of the old fallout shelter signs.