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Eggs of an Apple Snail - Asia.

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Apple Snails are bred for eating & can grow up to the size of a hand - or an apple!


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Thanks Monica :)))


Hey Heidi, sure hope you like Apple Snails in garlic butter! Sounds like you have enough to last a very long time! L.O.L. Sorry, I shouldn't laugh! Hee, hee, but it's soooo darned funny! I think Rob is right, you should call your nearest Aquarium!


OOPS!! Ask an Aquarium if they'd like some Heidi.


I made the mistake a few years ago of adding some Apple Snails to my fish pond (15' x 6' x 4'). Now there's a population explosion.


I had mine in Garlic Butter & still didn't enjoy them Monica :)) Thanks.
Thanks chickie.
Thanks gnt.
Thanks gemstone - I'm with you :)))


Love the colour. Enjoyed all the info and comments. And right, RR...once is enough for me, too! :)))


I agree with all these comments nice color and I never ate a snail but would try also LOL


Wow, interesting comments.


Wow! There's sooooo many of them, and their pink, my fav color! Cool pic Rob, very cool! I've never eaten snail before, but I'll try anything once! Wonder what they taste like! Thanks Rob and thank you Ann for all of your info. That was very interesting, you can learn so very much on jigidi!


:))) Thanks Meadowhawk - you can eat my share of Escargots!!


heheh Great write-ups! :) Some people will eat anything swimming in garlic and butter. Including moi! (well, a lot of stuff anyway. heheh) Very pretty eggs!


Interesting :)) Thanks pg.


I still get Apple snails for my tanks. Thanks annjax for breeding them for me.


Wow! No - I had no idea Annie. I saw them recently on an Australian cooking show - the host was a Vietnamese-born Australian & he was doing a series about his country of birth. One of the places he visited was an area that bred these snails. They were in a very moist rice paddy region, so I guess that they had the exact growing conditions that you had to carefully replicate. Thanks for the info - I love what pops up on Jigidi :))))
I agree tex - you never know what you'll learn on this great site!! Thanks.


How interesting! To think we have such exotic producers of such things right here on Jigidi! Thanks for sharing that, Annie, and thanks, RR for the puzzle! I'm impressed.


It's a shame patsquire had to go to all that trouble solving a puzzle of something he did not *really* need to see. Some people seem to be 'gluttons' for punishment.

Robyn, I used to raise these guys, not for eating, but for the aquarium trade maaaaany years ago--along with fish. The snails climb up out of the water to lay them, preferably on the leaves of reeds. They must lay them at just the right height, figuring heat & humidity, for them to hatch & drop into the water. Too high & the eggs dry out & become too hard for the babies to break through. Too low & they become moldy from the damp & die. Interesting little buggers, and a bit of trouble to breed but cute & fun, too. I don't know if you knew all this. If you did, sorry. If you did not I thought you & others might be interested...............


I've tried snails once lyndee - & that was enough for me!!


Well they have a pretty color eggs. Don't know who would want to eat a snail.....but I know they do.


That's fine by me patsquire - I wouldn't like them in my backyard either!!!


I didn't need to know apple snails existed, and I *really* didn't need to see their eggs!