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Christmas runner

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This thread count embroidery is a table runner with the same design on both ends. It was designed by either Clara Weaver or Eva Rosenstand from Copenhagen, Denmark.


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You did lots of embroidery work Ardy.


Thanks, Barb. I was just at your place and saw you had been here so came back "home." I have given away most of what I made but some of these pieces came back to me after their recipients died.


Just found this delightful Christmas runner, Ardy.
When I visited Copenhagen many, many years ago, I bought a fair bit of embroidered table linen. Unfortunately, I think I gave them all away as gifts. Hopefully, my friends and relatives are still enjoying them. :-)


Thanks, Francine. :-))


Ardy, another gorgeous one. And this time, I'll remember to check under the right section - Concert.


Dagmar, you are welcome, indeed. I have quite a few of the things I have done since most of them were given to the family where I was living and after Helen's death I got to keep them all. In my younger years the embroidery was to me as Jigidi is now. Glad you enjoyed this piece.


Peahen, When it's posted the program will be on my church's website : Hover over "Media" and select Sligo web TV. Under the pictures is the video library. It will be in the concert section. The bells play right after the welcome. I was pleased. They did well.


Thanks, Ank. I love a nice starry board. Too bad I can;t stay on it. Glad you enjoyed it.


You really have got lots of lovely needlework, Ardy, you must have enjoyed making it very much. I'm sure this wonderful table runner has seen lots of Christmas Days during its life. :)) Thanks for sharing all your precious work with us. :))


I missed out on the bell choir. How do I find it?


When my Sissy puts a star on it, I can't stay behind. lol. But she is much faster. Love this Ardy, It's so typical Danish.


Thanks, Pat, for putting another star on the board. Thanks for listening and your lovely comments about the program. I was very pleased with my ringers. That was their best playing yet. I'm beginning to look forward to after holidays and learning the music for festival in April.


Beautiful table runner... Did listen to the program last night. Thanks for letting me know it was excellent. Loved the bells.


Thanks, Kirsten. One down, two to go. Glad you came by. Always lovely to have you visit. Thanks for the hugs. Love sending some to you, too. ((HUGS))


Sounds like it's been a busy time for you Ardy! But rewarding too. I hope you can relax soon. :)))

Oh, and your needlework is lovely!! ((HUGS))


Gail, Thank you. I got home about 9:15. Fed the cat and got into night clothes and decided to relax for a bit on Jigidi. I was pleased with them. Thanks you for listening and for telling me. The principal and children's pastor presented me and the other two music teachers with a huge floral arrangement at the end of the program. The flowers are now in a large vase on the dining room table. As soon as I calm down a bit it's bed time.


This is very pretty, Ardy. But the real reason I'm here right now is I just listened to your marvelous bell choir. You should be very proud of them. Tell them for me how much I enjoyed it, listening to them all the was in Minnesota! I KNOW how hard it is to be in a choir like that because you only play a few of the notes, but you have to do it at the exact right time. Not an easy thing to do for adults, much less your youth choir. Thank you for telling me about your Christmas program. Now to go eat dinner. God bless you, friend.


I have another one, Hanne, that I like even better but several years ago it had candle wax dripped on it. I got the wax out but it has eaten through the threads so there are several holes . They were fun to make. Thanks for coming by.


It's so festive when you've got one like that in the middle of your table. My mother had several, and I have them now!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!