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Dairy products including milk, cheese, sour cream and cottage cheese

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That is Mr. Ten-Tickles, my logo for my soap business....oh yes, I have other talents...LOL! I don't eat seafood, so have at wasn't raised on fish or seafood except tuna, and I just can't stomach the smell of sea creatures. The textures don't do it for me either. I do like things like crab rangoon, new england clam chowder, filet o fish sandwiches once in a great! That is about as far as I get into that. I hate shrimp, even the smell of it. Lobster is okay in a dip or something, but that is as close as I get to that.

Why did you give you give up on eating them? And ranch? See, that reminds me of a game we played once called ranch or chocolate. We were supposed to try coming up with a food that would not be improved if it was dipped in ranch or chocolate. LOL! Have you ever had deep fried cheese curds? OH. MY. GOD.


You are So Cool. I thought it was a bowl of popcorn before I read the blog. :) I feel like I should be sending you tuition checks for my education!

What's also cool is your octopus... May I ask how you chose the image? I understand that they are very smart, and it's too bad that they're so yummy. I've given up on eating them, but it was a hard choice to make.

And, who doesn't love ranch dressing?


I think those are cheese curds and not yet cottage cheese. I could be wrong, but that is what they look like before they are cut down further for cottage cheese or battered and fried to a delicious golden brown and served with

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